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Oath Keepers have been called every name in the left wing’s book of hate whenever they attend an event. Yet they continue to follow the training they received as military, police, firefighters, and other first responders, and have become an excellent resource in times of need. Last weekend, they stood up at “the vast majority” of ACT for America’s March Against Sharia events to protect and defend those who stood for American values. It’s what they do on a regular basis.

In Texas last weekend, the speaker at the Anti-Sharia March in Austin had received death threats, so Oath Keepers provided a personal security detail (PSD).  Oath Keepers have also stood guard at free speech rallies in Berkeley, CA (twice), Boston, MA, Harrisburg, PA, and Portland, OR.

Sometimes they haven’t had to do much because the local police have it under control.  Other times their presence is all that is needed to keep the lid on situations that could have erupted.

At a previous event in Berkeley, CA he told us that the park where Oath Keepers and other groups were stationed was entirely peaceful. But out in the street fights broke out.

In Philadelphia, an Antifa woman had a nail attached to a pole, and stabbed a police horse in the neck with it. It’s things like that which make police exceedingly angry- and they are tired of it. [Note: the woman was attempting to create chaos and make the horse run into the crowd. But it did not and was able to continue its crowd control in spite of its injury. She is being held on $100,000 bond. The horse named Sampson is recovering and still able to work.]

At the Portland protest on June 4, Antifa became frustrated. They threw bricks and feces at police and tried to claim they had the right to assemble despite those crimes. Not under the Constitution, they don’t: it says the right to “peaceably assemble.”Those acts are in no way “peaceable.” There were Police, DHS, Oath Keepers, Bikers for Trump all providing protection. When people all stand up together, it makes a formidable defense against the anarchists.

“These people want to be both victim-minded and wannabe Che Guevara types. It’s a bad mix of the worst of both…They seem to have a disconnect with reality.”

The issues

 We asked Stewart what he felt the biggest problem was in America today. His response was immediate: “A lack of devotion to the Constitution and Bill of Rights…Individual liberty- the core tenants of the Constitution that secures our rights.”

 We’ve all seen the people who treat the Constitution as a document written by “old rich white men” except when it suits their needs. So what does Stewart see as their agenda?

“They’ve been indoctrinated by Marxism and are out to divide and conquer… They are brainwashed to believe that Western Civilization is imperialistic and oppressive… A Marine veteran in Berkeley was attacked just for wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat.” 
When we talked about the tactics not just of the left, but of jihadists, Stewart told us that it’s a “Strange, perverse alliance” that has taken place between radical leftists and radical jihadists.

“Look at Europe. They’ve essentially committed suicide. You can be arrested for “hate speech” for merely discussing crimes committed by Muslim immigrants  – what amounts to Sharia compliance. It’s the same tactic used by the radical left.”

We talked about Colleges, and Stewart said that they are the “last stand of Communism in America.

Stewart has concerns about what will happen next. The agenda of the left is to crush Western Civilization, so what will they do next if they can’t get rid of President Trump?  IEDs? More vehicle incidents like we have seen recently crushing pedestrians and stabbing them as they simply walk down the street? An escalation in shootings?

“They know their tactics of assault in the street aren’t working, as Patriots, ordinary citizens are beginning to stand against them.  But this is a worldwide agenda, not just here. It comes right out of the Bill Ayers Weather Underground playbook…”resistance” and violence, open revolution may be their next step.”

He sees a silver lining…all the hate and anger is uniting the “Warrior class” in America.

Oath Keepers is comprised of Military, Police, Fire, and EMTs, both retired and active, as well as ordinary patriots who join as associate members.  
“Stand up and defend America. And even if not prior service, you are welcome! We’ll train you. Our main responsibility is to train others and pass on our skills. We help and coordinate with the police. We’ll train you in what you can and can’t do. We also appeal straight to the military and police: “Remember your oath.”  

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