Oakland University Spends $2,500 On Hockey Pucks to Defend Against Active Shooters

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We’ve seen buckets of rocks and small bats purported as “defense” against active shooters. Now Oakland University in Rochester Hills near Detroit, Michigan, has come up with hockey pucks based on an offhanded remark by the local Police Chief.

“It was not a well-thought-out strategy. It was a spur-of-the-moment-thing that had merit to it and kind of caught on.” Chief Mark Gordon

Chief Gordon was conducting a training on active shooters when the subject came up after he mentioned that once he was hit with a hockey puck and it “caused a fair amount of damage.”

The University purchased 800 hockey pucks at .94 cents each and have started training for faculty. The school is a “gun free zone.”

The school will soon purchase 1,700 more pucks for students.

The Detroit News reported,

Gordon said there’s been no studies or research on it, but a puck is an adequate defense posture along with the use of chairs, staplers or anything else that has weight and can do damage.

Gordon said that the heightened need to educate staff and students stems from the Virginia Tech rampage of 2007. The shooter, in that incident, killed 32 people before taking his own life in what was one of the deadliest in U.S. history. 

This effort, he said, will “empower faculty and students to have a plan to have something to defend themselves rather than just freezing in place.”

Ideally, Gordon said, dozens in a single classroom could be armed with pucks — or other objects — and could all throw them at the same time, if necessary. 

So the idea, if we understand their reasoning, is to distract a shooter so they can be disarmed. They are hoping to finish training faculty members, then share that knowledge with students.

The police department organizes active shooter training for the school twice a month. Since there is no data on how effective a good pelting with hockey pucks would be during an active shooter situation. And that depends on aim, and the element of surprise. It all sounds well and good unless the students and faculty freeze in fear. All bets are off if that occurs. The University is also working toward funding to install locks on classroom doors that lock from the inside.


  • Dale

    Damnest thing I ever heard of but …. Giving credit where credit is due, the idea is much better than doing nothing at all….

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