Oakland Coffee Shop Doesn’t Serve Cops. Period.

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Hasta Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California, refuses to serve police officers of any kind, including male, black, female, or gay. They simply don’t like police.

Their policy, as posted on Instagram by the shop owner is:

“We have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves. We know in our experience working on campaigns against police brutality that we are not alone saying that police presence compromises our feeling of physical & emotional safety.”

Their view includes black police officers, female, and gay ones.

“The facts are that (police of color), women and queer police are complicit in upholding the same law and order that routinely criminalizes and terrorizes black and brown and poor folks, especially youth, trans and houseless folks.”

An Oakland police Sergeant went into the shop on February 16 and was turned away. He shared his experience with fellow officers. The Police union sent a letter to the shop two weeks ago that has not been answered.

The name of the coffee shop is “Hasta Muerte”- which means “until death.” What that actually means to the owners is unknown. But they might have to fend for themselves until death if someone decides to rob the place.

Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo was appalled at the policy of the coffee shop, so he went to try to talk to them. They told him in no uncertain terms they would not serve police. Period.

“I don’t agree with that, 100 percent. I think we need to work together, not against each other.” Noel Gallo

According to KTVU“A mural and utility box outside the cafe decriy fatal police shootings and law enforcement militarization.”

So if Christian bakers are forced to make cakes for gay people that they strongly disagree with, then how does this bigoted business get a pass for their hatred of police?  It’s discrimination on any level, and there isn’t even a religious freedom component to it. Oh, wait, it’s California.

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    There’s a really simple solution to this. If they get robbed or terrorized, the cops just don’t go there.

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