NYPD – Park your “racist” General Lee car elsewhere

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CBS2 New York reported: one New York Police Department officer owns a replica of the ‘General Lee,’ a car from the Television show “Dukes of Hazzard” in the 1980s. But the NYPD is not interested in history or television, they want him to park his “racist” car anywhere except in the parking garage designated for police officers.

general lee

An NYPD officer parked this car in the parking garage and then was told not to park it there

The bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger named “General Lee” became a classic — “Good Ol’ boys” Bo and Luke Duke as they jumped the car over obstacles, out ran the police, and honked a few bars of “Dixie” at the touch of the horn. Oh, and don’t forget the Confederate flag painted on the top of the vehicle. It’s that flag that appears to have caused a stir at the NYPD.

A person with an unwarranted offense

Someone snapped a picture of the officer as he parked the controversial vehicle and sent them into CBS2 news.  The officer, who is described as a “big time Dukes of Hazzard fan,” has reportedly only driven the car to work a couple of times. But the furor over his paint job seems to have gone crazy.

Neither the “Dukes of Hazzard” nor the confederate flag are ‘racist.’ But in our PC society in which everyone is offended by everything, it is labeled as such.  One attorney stated that the flag is “clearly protected” by the First Amendment.

“Government must remain neutral to any viewpoint or idea, and allow the expression of ideas — even if the vast majority of the community considers the idea dangerous, offensive, wrong, and evil,” Nadine Strossen,  New York Law School.

All that appears to be lost on the NYPD as they demanded the officer park his car elsewhere. But here’s a question, why did someone take offense in the first place? He deliberately got the officer banned from parking the vehicle. The whole thing is ridiculous – it’s a CAR modeled after a television show.

The Confederate Flag is part of American history. It has been under siege for many years from lawmakers, schools, and groups who feel it is a “racist” emblem.

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