NYC Plans to Close Rikers Island to “End Mass Incarceration”

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The NYC Council voted to close Rikers Island for good by 2026, and finance several smaller jails in various boroughs instead. To the tune of over $8 Billion. And they’re doing it to stop “mass incarceration.” (Fox5NY) The prison complex houses 7,000 inmates, and the city plans to cut that in half by 2026 and shunt the 3K or so leftovers off to the smaller jails.

And what will they do with the old facility? Good question. And what about the people in those neighborhoods that will have the smaller jails – are they happy? No.

Protesters turned out with signs that read “No New Jails.”

Did De Blasio bother to ask the people of the neighborhoods he plans to use for stopping “mass incarceration?” Sounds like he’s parroting something that AOC promotes– abolishing all prisons. A cloud of unicorns has blinded these Democrats. Real evil exists, and putting violent gang members and other criminals back on the street is not a good idea, even if they’ve earmarked a few million $$ to research how to stop crime.

Many of the NYC residents are unhappy about this idea. Here’s a sampling of some responses:

Kew Gardens, Queens will no longer be the same wonderful neighborhood. There’s a difference between a courthouse and an actual jail. Thanks Blasio, you came off the campaign trail to actually work on things that most likely won’t fix anything.


Thanks for bringing the danger to our doorstep. Way to go. Democrats creating problems and running the next elections on the promise that they’ll finally fix it this time around.


your next tweet should say, “we are ending the low crime rate I have been trying to brag about”


Thank you @BilldeBlasio  and @Chirlane, I’ve lived in NYC for close to 40 years. I am now researching where to move to. Your ability to mishandle a city on the rise is frankly quite astounding. Really hope you get a mayoral job elsewhere so others can enjoy your amazing skills.


Yes, we should make sure the lives of criminals are not ruined. Only their victims’ lives should be ruined


What we must ask is WHO IS GOING TO BE THE PROUD NEW OWNER OF RIKERS ISLAND REAL ESTATE? And how exactly are these entities RELATED to DeBlasio Johnson and the REST OF THESE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THIS WONDERFUL NEW ***DEVELOPMENT*** in NYC! Such relationships can be instructive.

Here’s the common sense person:

“You are closing one jail to open a few others.

And that’s the bottom line.

Featured photo: screenshot of De Blasio…wait isn’t that….never mind.


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  • Michelle Beff

    I think we need to Save Rikers Island– Make NY safe again

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