NY Terror Attack! Truck Rams People in Manhattan – Multiple Dead, Injured

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NY terror attack – At 3:05 PM Eastern, a Home Depot Truck rammed into bicyclists and pedestrians on the Hudson River Green Way bike lane in Manhattan. The truck reportedly jumped onto the bicycle path and rammed into several people before crashing into another vehicle, a school bus. NYPD moved quickly to neutralize the driver. There is no evidence about any ongoing threat, but more police will be deployed just in case.

The 29 year old male exited the vehicle near a high school after hitting the bus, and brandished a paintball gun and pellet gun. His name has not yet been released. Six males were pronounced dead at the scene, 2 others died at the hospital. Eleven others were injured, some “serious” but not life-threatening. There may be more injuries. Two adults and 2 children were on the school bus when it was struck by the rental truck.

The question in everyone’s mind is – was this a terror attack? Yes. According to police, he shouted allahu akbar and his M.O. was consistent with those used in other parts of the world by terrorists.

Counter-terrorism police examined the Home Depot rental truck for possible explosives as a precaution.

This incident was first reported as a dispute among two drivers, but that turned out to be incorrect.Β  Police stated that the driver exited the vehicle brandishing what appeared to 2 guns, so a police officer shot him in the abdomen, preventing further injuries. Later it was determined the guns were not real.Β  The gunshots heard by witnesses were all made by police, not the suspect.

The suspect was transported to the hospital, his condition unknown.

The NYPD has deployed heavy weapons and more teams, sandbags, and blocking vehicles for the Halloween Parade set for tonight.

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    More fun with Islam…..15th fkking century shiitebags…

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