NY State Democrat Senator Tells GOP Legislative Aide: “Kill Yourself”

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So this is what New Yorkers have elected – a New York State Democrat Senator who tells a GOP legislative aide to kill herself. Why? Because she outed him for abusing his parking placard. NY State Senator Keith Parker told legislative aide Candace Giove to kill herself. Then he failed Twitter etiquette 101.

She received information from Chesney Parks, who wrote,”The whole of the 2nd ave bike lane btw 43rd and 44th is blocked by -rs, like this arrogant scofflaw from . Total assholes.” So Candice looked up the placard and found that it belonged to Senator Kevin Parker.

Then we get this now deleted response:

Immediately afterward, Senator Parker deleted the tweet and stated that it was a “poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and should not be made light of.” Not, ‘I’m a jack*** and you caught me.’

Then he proceeded to tweet-troll her with obnoxious remarks.

He even called her an internet troll. He did get some backlash for his royal jackwagonness. But here’s the rub: Senator Parker is the guy who introduced legislation to require anyone  who wanted a gun permit to have their social media accounts checked as far back as 3 years and their search engine history a year for any objectionable content. Objectionable content. OK.

The New York Daily News reported,

In 2005, he was charged with assault after brawling with a traffic agent over a ticket. A plea deal required him to take anger management training.

Three years later, a staff member accused Parker of shouting at her, shoving her and intentionally stomping on her eyeglasses.

In 2009, Parker was charged with felony assault for allegedly hitting a newspaper photographer, breaking his camera and damaging his car.

And in 2010, he cursed at fellow Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) during a closed door Democratic conference meeting.

That same year, he accused state Senate Republicans publicly of being white supremacists and some of his fellow Democrats as closeted racists.

Soon after the Twitter incident, he lost the co-campaign chairman for councilman Jumaane Williams. Williams said he spoke to Parker and they both agreed he should step down from Williams’ campaign for Public Advocate.

Here are some of the Twitter comments:




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