NRA Grant Called “Dirty Money” by Pennsylvania School District

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The Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania school district rejected an NRA grant for $4,730 for their high school rifle team, one board member calling it “dirty money,” according to the Morning Call. The vote was 6-2 against taking the grant. There are 21 students on the Stroudsburg rifle team. Fortunately, donations immediately began pouring in for the team from outside sources after the news broke. They now have $6,000 to go forward.

Students on the rifle team applied for the grant for the first time this year, citing that their equipment was “from the 70s.” A team member testified before the school board on March 26, urging them to accept the grant. No dice. Only two school board members really listened.

Fox Insider reported that the group of local business owners released a statement criticizing the action of the school district:

“[The business owners] are all members of the NRA and strongly disagree with the school board’s decision and further attempt to politicize guns in this country, on the backs of our kids.”

We agree. Blaming the NRA has gotten out of control. And no, it’s not because of a bunch of children who have been marching against “gun violence.” It’s because of Marxist teachers unions, Bloomberg’s cronies (et al), who have indoctrinated our kids with lies.

Out of Control 

Children who have been taught that marching for “social justice” is more important than true learning or even understanding history, has grown completely and totally out of control. This situation in Pennsylvania is just one more example of a liberal machine that is pushing lies into the lives of the students.

The NRA issues grants to 500 schools in the US, mostly for rifle teams, Junior ROTC programs, and Hunter Safety Courses to the tune of an incredible $7.3 million, according to the AP. The fight to get money for programs like these can become difficult in cash strapped districts.

So, America, are you willing to put up your hard-earned cash in view of the liberals being a bunch of sissies who use children to do their bidding? Or will we fight back by standing up against this current flood of leftist garbage? Will any school districts get their cojones back and stand for their students instead of some foul-mouthed jackwagon like David Hogg?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Featured photo: screenshot of a rifle team member urging the school board to accept the grant.  Via Twitter @BritMichaelsTV

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