Note to media hacks: Ted Cruz did not call U.S. soldiers ‘psychopaths’

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It’s fairly easy to tell which GOP candidate the left-wing media fears the most.  Just look at who they attempt to smear with incomplete quotes and statements taken wildly out of context.

The latest attempt comes in the form of tweets issued by CNBC’s John Harwood and CNN’s Teddy Schleifer, both of whom “quoted” Ted Cruz on the subject of women being drafted.

And by “quoted,” I mean, “edited” and “wildly taken out of context.”

Naturally, that got the liberal lie machine ramped up in practically no time at all.

But it turns out that’s NOT what Cruz said at all as T. Becket Adams explained:

He even compared what Cruz actually said to what was reported:

The Weekly Standard’s Michael Warren added:

But these days, it seems truth really doesn’t matter — only the narrative.

A post at the Right Scoop noted:

Do you think these people give a crap when these a-holes called Chris Kyle a psychopath? Or when this Obama official referred to American soldiers as psychopaths? NOPE! They only pretend to give a crap when they think it can hurt a Republican.

Which, of course, is why I refer to them as “operatives” working for the “Democrat-media complex,” or as Pat Caddell once called them, America’s greatest enemy.  Expect this kind of garbage to only get worse before next November, regardless of who the GOP nominee is.

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