Do Not Underestimate the Enemy- The War is not Over!

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Yes, Trump came out swinging against Hillary in last night’s debate after looking her straight in the eye, and with the remark that brought cheers he said, “You should be in jail.”  But as in war, remember this: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE ENEMY!

Liberals and RINOs 

Understand that RINOs like Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, The Bushes, even newbies like Mia Love and  others have been closet liberals all along. Their politically correct duty to dump Trump has been around since the beginning. They never wanted to stand with him anyway…he is completely surrounded by enemies who will do whatever it takes to destroy him.

Last night, Donald Trump was literally ambushed by 3 people. And he came out swinging. But the enemy- and yes they should be regarded as enemies- has more ammunition to attack Trump. Their desire to destroy him is out of control.

They want to save their position, they want to keep the outsider out of Washington. They want no part of  someone who s “vulgar” when they already have Clinton who is vulgar and MEAN on top of it. There is money to be had with Clinton, maybe Donald the businessman is not so keen on corruption.

They lie in wait to trap him, and they know exactly what “triggers” Conservatives. Language, sex accusations are the area of cowards- and liberals will PAY whomever they can to “come forward.”

So prepare yourselves, the next revelation dump may be even more damning.

The Herman Cain example

Example- in 2012, Herman Cain was confronted with allegations that literally forced him out of the Presidential election. Cain is a strong black Conservative, and the  liberals wanted to make absolutely certain he didn’t get into the White House. He was one of the front runners in the primaries. He was a Washington  outsider.

They called him “inexperienced.” When that didn’t work, they found a handful of women to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, and one even said they had an extra-marital affair.  But the toll that the rabidly left wing media took on his family finally forced him to suspend his campaign in December 2011. The allegations were from  his past, and their veracity is in question. But it literally destroyed him politically.

Political Cowards

RINOs and Liberals are all cowards that run at the sight of blood, and refuse to stand by their candidate when things happen. They could have reminded people that those statements were from the past, but they failed to do so.

They could have stood firm and said, I don’t agree with his statement, but loyalty matters so we’ll stand by him, and remind the opposition about Bill Clinton’s rape and sexual activities. Instead they hopped on the kill Trump wagon.  It was PLANNED.


The problem with Conservatives is that we  kill our own. They have left Donald Trump on the battlefield without medical attention. They’ve left a man behind by jumping ship this close to the election.

Donald Trump has been called “Teflon Don.” He has lost much over the course of his life, and still come out on top. We need that quality now. We need “We The People” to unite with him to stop Killary Clinton from getting into the White House.

“…My iniquities have overtaken me, so that I am not able to look up; they are more than the hairs of my head; therefore my heart fails me. Be pleased, O Lord to deliver me; O Lord make haste to help me! Let them be ashamed and brought to mutual confusion who seek to destroy me life; let them be driven backward and brought to dishonor who wish me evil.” Psalm 40:12-14

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