“Not a Peaceful Protest” – Hamas Pushes Its Own to Storm Border Fence

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At least 52 Palestinians have been killed, and at least 1,200 wounded after they stormed the border fence between Gaza and Israel. But calling the current violent uprising at Gaza a “protest” is a blatant twisting of the facts. Hamas encouraged the violence.

While the mainstream media blames Israel for the violence, and even the US because of the opening of the new embassy on May 14, the bare facts are that Hamas has promoted and encouraged it, and uses every opportunity to attack.

“40,000 rioters have amassed on the border, using explosives, guns, molotov cocktails, and even arson kites to breach the security fence. The IDF has dropped leaflets warning Gazans against approaching the fence – a clear breach of Israel’s sovereignty – but in order for Hamas to continue carrying out its activities, they must continue inciting these riots. Destitute Gazans are receiving $100 per family, bankrolled by Iran, to approach and dismantle the security fence. Those who do not participate are threatened by the terror organization. Hamas is coercing Gazans to risk their lives.

Thus far, three Hamas cells have used the cover of these riots to fire at IDF soldiers and seven have attempted to dismantle the border fence. Facebook pages affiliated with Hamas are uploading maps that show the proximity of the riots to Israeli communities.” IDF

Israel dumped thousands of warning flyers in the run up to May 14, advising Palestinians that approaching the security fence was a bad idea.

Haaretz reported,

The White House said on Monday that the responsibility for the deaths of dozens of Palestinians on the Gaza-Israel border “rests squarely with Hamas,” and added that the demonstrations on the border are “cynical.” The comment came after a bloody day on the border during which the IDF shot to death more than 52 Palestinians. White House spokesman Raj Shah added that the Trump administration fully supports Israel’s “right to defend itself.”

The point is, that these deaths were not some slaughter of “freedom marchers.” These were people who had been manipulated into attacking Israel’s borders en masse, and some say they were paid $100 per person to do it.

At least one country has recalled its ambassador over the deaths. The UN has soundly condemned Israel. But let’s face it: if thousands of violent rioters were attempting to get to your home to kill you, what would you do? You’d kill them. It really is that simple.

Featured photo via Twitter, @IDFSpokesperson

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  • Tammy

    With hundreds or even thousands of Israeli citizens just a mile or two down the road from the fens Israelis Christians and Muslims alike, the IDF had no choice but to stop anyone trying to cross the border or make a way for h hamas to get in. I keep the Palestinians in my prayers I pray that almighty God would reveal the truth to them. The US has a new president someone that the Palestinians could sit down with and talk to if they want so far it seems all they want is to be violent.

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