Northlake Mall Shooting (Warning, Graphic Photo)

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The Northlake Mall shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina began at around 2 p.m. on Christmas eve. At least one person was injured when a gunman opened fire inside the mall. Their condition is currently unknown. Police shot and killed the suspect.

northlake mall shooting

A shopper huddles behind a sign as the shooting began. Twitter Photo

According to witnesses, the shooting erupted after several men “ganged up” on another man. It is unclear of there was more than one shooter.

The suspect was identified as rapper “Donkey Cartel.”

Rapper Donkey Cartel lies dead in the mall – Twitter photo via Breaking 911

Still developing

The Hill reported,

Police have not disclosed how many people were injured or whether anyone was killed.
Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services Agency (MEDIC) told NBC Charlotte it is treating one patient with a leg injury, one patient with an asthma attack and one patient who is in labor.
MEDIC also told Fox 46 Charlotte that one person was transported to a hospital with minor injuries.
The stores were crowded, as shoppers rushed to complete last-minute Christmas shopping.
The mall is a “gun free zone.” But I guess the “Donkey Cartel” didn’t know that, right?


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