North Korean Defector – Costly Flight to Freedom

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North Korean Defector – On Wednesday, a ‘high ranking’ North Korean Soldier made a bold dash for freedom across the DMZ. His Communist colleagues shot him five times as he ran. Doctors said that he is in “very dangerous condition” at a University hospital in South Korea. And it’s not just from the gunshots, according to Fox News.

“[We] will have to ride out the crucial moments [in his recovery] over the next 10 days.”

Update: here is the video of his escape to freedom:

According to Hannity,

Initial details released by government officials say the soldier abandoned his post and drove a military SUV towards a checkpoint near the DMZ. After getting stuck in a ditch, the man left the vehicle and bolted towards freedom as North Korean soldiers opened-fire with automatic rifles.

According to United Nations officials, the defector “initially took cover near a building on the southern side” of the border, covering himself in a pile of leaves as South Korean guards searched the area.

The problem with Communist countries: they don’t want you to leave once you get there. And they’re willing to kill you to keep you.

Doctors say that the next 10 days will tell them whether or not the soldier will survive.  But it’s not just the gunshot wounds they are concerned about: the man’s body is riddled with parasitic worms.

The Worms

A nematode parasitic worm – file photo

The defector, whose name has not been released, was riddled with parasites – which is evidence of the poor hygeine and lack of proper food in North Korea. They stated he probably had the parasites for some time. They are having to treat his wounds carefully to avoid complications from the worms.

It is commonly believed that the DPRK uses human feces as fertilizer, which may be contaminating the food.

North Korea has little food (thanks, Kim, great job). Doctors found corn kernels in the man’s stomach, and an 11 inch parasite.

“Although we do not have solid figures showing health conditions of North Korea, medical experts assume that parasite infection problems and serious health issues have been prevalent in the country.” Choi Min-Ho, of the Seoul National University College of Medicine


Featured photo- screenshot of the DMZ

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