North Haven, CT – Officers Injured When House Explodes

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On Wednesday night, an explosion rocked the neighborhood on Quinnipiac Avenue in North Haven, CT while SWAT was on the scene of a man barricaded inside his home. Nine officers were caught in the explosion and taken to the hospital, according to Fox News. Five officers were from East Haven, three from North Haven and one from Branford, a total of nine, not 8 as reported by most news media. They were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Officers responded to the violent domestic call on Wednesday after a woman who had been held captive by her husband for several days reported it. She managed to escape before the standoff and notify police at around 2:30 p.m., about 6 hours before the explosion. She had been severely beaten.

Police attempted to talk the man out of the home to no avail, so called for SWAT.

As SWAT officers prepared to breach the door, the property exploded, catching the officers in the blast. They are said to have burns and broken bones, but otherwise are expected to recover.

The FBI and ATF were also on scene. Neighbors say that the man had rigged his property to explode. The fire spread to other structures, but because the suspect was thought to still be in the immediate area, the building burned to the ground. News reports are calling the structure a “barn”, but it appears to have been the couple’s home.

The suspect is not in custody and charred human remains were found at the site of the fire. Identification has not yet been made, but police believe the suspect was the only person inside the home at the time of the explosion.

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