North Carolina Elections Worker Arrested for Voter Fraud

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We hear the liberals say emphatically that there is ‘no evidence’ of voter fraud. It’s a “myth” created by the Republicans. North Carolina might have a difference of opinion on that after an elections worker was arrested for illegally accessing voter records, and attempting to give felons the right to vote.

Graphic via Natural News

Joy Yvette Wilkerson, 41, was arrested this week and charged with multiple felonies: altering 250 voter registrations to allow felons to vote.

According to the  News Observer:

The report says Wilkerson accessed the county’s voter registration database and restored – or tried to restore – active voting status to 250 convicted felons who had been removed from voter rolls while they served their sentence.

North Carolina law bans convicted felons from voting while serving an active sentence – in prison or on probation – but their rights are restored after their sentence is complete.

Wilkerson was a temporary worker in Granville County in 2015 to help them prepare for the general election. The county elections board found her efforts in June of 2016, and notified the NC state elections board. They recently issued a report, and Ms. Wilkerson was arrested this last week on multiple felony counts.
The registrations she attempted to alter were corrected prior to the Presidential Election.
“The Granville County Board of Elections and State Board of Elections office worked together to ensure that improper changes made by the worker were corrected in the voter registration database before the general election.” Patrick Gannon, North Carolina State Board of Elections
The News Observer article goes on to state that Republicans are calling for more protections against voter fraud in the state. Last October, Granville County election workers left an early voting site open and unlocked overnight.
“Incidents like these prove that attempts to encourage illegal voting, violate the law, and manipulate our voting process do exist and must be countered.” North Carolina GOP chairman Robin Hayes
Wilkerson is out on a $14,000 bond and her next court appearance is April 17.

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