NOPD Cop killed- Suspect Arrested. But how did it happen?

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New Orleans – Travis Boys, 33, was booked for First Degree Murder of  veteran New Orleans Police Officer Darryle Holloway, 45.  The officer was transporting him to jail at the time. But it’s a mystery as to how he was able to get out of his handcuffs,  get hold of a gun, and get past the barrier between the front seat and back seat of Holloway’s patrol vehicle.


NOPD vehicle after it struck a power pole during the altercation. photo

A tragic situation

Authorities stated that  Officer Holloway put up a fight in an effort to keep Boys from exiting the vehicle, but succumbed to his injuries.

A 24 hour intense manhunt ensued after Boys murdered Holloway at around 8 am Saturday morning as he was being driven to the Orleans Parish prison. The patrol vehicle crashed into a utility pole during the altercation. Authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine whether the officer died from the gunshot or the crash.

The suspect fled the scene.

Officers searched the St. Roch and St. Claude neighborhoods throughout the night. Residents of the area were placed on “lock down”  as helicopters flew overhead and officers scoured the area. Officers had searched house to house in the attempt to locate the suspect.

Boys was located on Sunday morning in the St. Claude neighborhood.


Travis Boys


How could this happen?

The suspect was handcuffed behind his back. Somehow he managed to get his hands in front of him, and find a way through the opening between the front and back seats.

Flexible suspects can easily get their handcuffs in front- a situation that is common. Getting through the barrier- that’s a process. Whether or not the barrier was completely closed will be a matter for the investigation.

But the biggest question is: how did he get hold of a gun?

Officials stated they do not believe he got the officer’s weapon.  IF that is true, then either a) the suspect was not properly searched prior to transport, or b) there was a gun in the back seat of the patrol vehicle when he was placed there.

Either situation is unacceptable.

Officers should always check the patrol car over prior to using it, as often prisoners will hide weapons or drugs down inside the seats in an effort to avoid detection. Proper searches of the suspect’s person prior to transporting someone to the jail are mandatory and imperative.

Did this officer lose his life in a tragic misstep? The investigation is continuing.

Holloway was the father of 3 children, and had been on the New Orleans Police Department since 1992.


Officer Darryle Holloway- NOPD photo

  • Vicky

    Perhaps the officer temporarily freed the prisoner and gave him access to the front seat for a little down low action. That would explain everything.
    Or the prisoner received a gun from an employee at the Police Station. Either way it falls into the realm of police corruption.

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