Non-Politically Correct Arizona Candidate Don Shooter’s Billboard

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According to AZFamily, Conservative Don Shooter was kicked out of the Arizona House of Representatives earlier this year based on allegations of sexual harrassment, which he denies. So he entered the race for Arizona Senate, District LD13. And he’s using a definite non-politically correct tactic: a giant billboard that says “Make a Liberals Head Explode! Vote Shooter.” It has a minuteman logo in one corner, and a picture of Mr. Shooter in the other.

We presume that means he’s pro-second amendment. But flamboyant is Mr. Shooter’s middle name.

“Liberals offend me every day, every day when they open their mouth I’m offended. But I don’t get crazy about it.” Don Shooter

To our knowledge he’s never hit anyone with a bike lock, smashed anyone’s windows, put on a mask to protest, or tweeted threats to kill someone. Although we know many liberals who would think his billboard is a threat just by it being there.

The Democrat Candidate, Michelle Harris, who is running unopposed, calls the billboard “divisive.”

“Evidently this is the way he wants to run his campaign. I don’t believe in name-calling and insulting. I really think the people of the district deserve better and they want someone that solves problems, and I don’t think this solves any problems.” Michelle Harris

Mr. Shooter has denied the allegations of sexual harassment that began with the #MeToo movement.

“I never sexually harassed anyone. I was guilty of annoying some people. Anybody who knows [me] would tell you that’s certainly a possibility.”

PBS reported back in February,

“Known for booze-fueled partying and good-ol’ boy, clownish behavior, Rep. Don Shooter spent the past seven years as a hard-to-miss fixture who wielded considerable power at the Arizona state Capitol.

But on Thursday, he was kicked out of the Arizona Legislature for a lengthy pattern of sexual misconduct.

The whispered rumors about the retired and married Yuma farmer were brushed off as the actions of a country bumpkin jokester until October when the #MeToo movement prompted millions of women to share their experiences with sexual harassment or assault on social media.

Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita then publicly accused Shooter, fellow Republican, of propositioning her for sex years ago and repeatedly commenting on her breasts.”

Don Shooter has two Republican opponents for the August 28th election:  Sine Kerr and Brent Backus. It’s unfortunate that at this point in time, humor is not well received by most electorates, especially liberal ones.  And any allegation of sexual harassment, whether true or not is most often a career killer. Whether or not Mr. Shooter’s sense of humor will get him back in the Arizona statehouse is anyone’s guess.

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