Nobody Kill Anybody Weekend in Baltimore Failed

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Baltimore tried a ceasefire campaign for just 3 days, asking criminals to “Nobody Kill Anybody” over the weekend of August 4-6. The Daily Wire reported they even sold T-shirts and passed out flyers with the message and worked on it since May. They held community meetings, and created a Facebook page. They had hope.

nobody kill anybody

But that hope came crashing down with 2 more murders added making it a total of 210 for the year. There have been over 600 shootings in Baltimore so far this year, not counting the 2 murders and a non-fatal shooting  over the weekend.

Baltimore City officials are so desperate to make a dent in the murder rate that they voted to look at a mandatory minimum of one year in jail for anyone in possession of an “illegal gun.”Mandatory” minimum sentences don’t work either. Don’t believe  that?  It’s evidenced by the drug epidemic in the US – no matter how many people were thrown in prison for drugs under mandatory sentencing, it made no difference.

More gun laws in an already restrictive environment will do nothing. Criminals do not care about the law or the punishment. They don’t it up at night worrying about whether they’ll spend more time in jail.  Liberals seem to be oblivious to that fact.

Erricka Bridgeford is a professional conflict mediator and an organizer of the ceasefire. She has seen the effects of constant violence on a personal level. Her heart wants to stop it. She feels the initiative was a success and will continue the fight even with the setback of murders over the truce period. She understands that it wouldn’t cure the violence, but she thought it was a start.

But not all residents of Baltimore think it’s worthwhile. Some think the city needs to look elsewhere rather than trying to get criminals to stop killing. (Emphasis mine).

“Instead of wondering how hard it is to refrain from killing people, maybe we should focus our energies somewhere else. How about we focus our energies on why people had to kill in the first place. We should be looking at why people who ignore a “don’t kill anyone weekend”. Maybe we need to go back and figure out why people aren’t listening? Maybe is because the heroin industry, and dope dealers don’t give a shit about some ladies tears, or how many funerals you go to a year. There is money to be made, and someone has to put in the work. You know who is there for your kids? You know who is going to help them rise up and get a job, a car, some income, an apartment? Heroin. For some people, slinging dope is all they know. Without correct guidance, and being a statistic in a very broken justice system, for some it’s kill or be killed. They don’t have a choice. Sure, some can put down the gun for a few days and ride it out, but what about those who are so far deep in the drug game, they cant.” Matt Mayhem Baltimore resident

At least 150 police officers are assigned to specific high violence areas in Baltimore. But the criticism mounts, the blood continues to flow, and people still die. Those criticisms are everywhere, but solutions are few and far between.


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