No Gitmo Detainees on U.S. Soil! Congress Sends a Message to Obama in the NDAA

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It was a message that not even a liberal fool could miss- Congress passed the NDAA this morning with the stipulation that bans Gitmo detainees from being transferred to U.S. soil. And the vote was “veto- proof” at 91-3 in the Senate, and  last week’s House vote at 370-58.

Obama had made closing Guantanamo Bay a key point of his campaigns, so will he veto it or not? It won’t matter, they sent a message even he can’t miss.

The stipulation is part of the $607 Billion NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Among other things, the NDAA contains a 1.3% pay raise for  service members and a new retirement option.

gitmo detainees

Obama wants to close Gitmo, but Congress didn’t want the prisoners on U.S. soil. photo via Red Dirt Report

Dumping terrorists on U.S. Soil

Obama had a plan to move the detainees left at the facility on to U.S. soil in states such as Kansas, Colorado or South Carolina. But his plan was to just close Gitmo and that was that- he had no specific direction as to the disposition of those remaining inmates. And he obviously didn’t care.

Members of Congress have repeatedly asked him for a comprehensive plan on HOW he was going to close Guantanamo Bay. What they got instead were threats from Obama to use his “Executive Order” power to do whatever he wanted with those detainees. But threatening to move unilaterally on an issue like dumping terrorists on the states didn’t fly so well. thus far he hasn’t threatened to veto this bipartisan NDAA.

“Each of these bills contains a clear, bipartisan prohibition on the President moving Guantanamo terrorists into the backyards of the American people. ” Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader

The White House  is still saber rattling, with Josh Earnest reminding Congress of “the ability of the President to use whatever authority is available to him to try to move closer to accomplishing this goal…”

“Why in the world you would bring these enemy combatants to domestic soil is mindboggling. This is nothing short of gambling national security to keep a campaign promise.” Senator Tim Scott, (R-SC)

But if he tries Executive Order in this case, Congress will start with the courts to block him, and from there who knows what will happen? Obama does not believe that America should have security. Congress took a baseball bat to his plans for Gitmo today – we’ll have to wait and see what he plans to do next.




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