NM School Adding AR-15s to Protect Students

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. An honest-to goodness school district in Los Alamos, NM  is putting AR-15s in locked cabinets in order to protect their students from mass shooters. They will have shotguns and AR-15s in each of their two schools so that the officers on site can have access to them.

Guns in gun safes

The Albuquerque Journal reported,

The school board has unanimously approved a request by Police Chief Dino Sgambellone to install a gun safes for shotguns and AR-15 rifles inside Los Alamos Middle School and the Los Alamos High School.

Sgambellone said that if an active shooter incident should occur at the schools, he felt it best that his officers have appropriate weaponry on the premises. Too many times he said, valuable time and strategy options are lost if an officer has to go out to his or her car and get what’s needed to stop a shooter.

The cases will be bolted down and in a secure area, Sgambellone said, during his presentation at last Thursday’s special school board meeting.

NM school

“If an officer has access to weapons and other items, for example a first aid kit or a go bag, that initial contact is going to happen much quicker…Even if an officer is able to exit the school and get to his vehicle and return, those two minutes could result in a significant amount of shooting by the person or persons.”Police Chief Dino Sgambellone

Boy is that the truth, Chief! Seconds count in a shooter situation.


Liberals are probably having a cow right now. Only officers will have access to the weapons. And it passed UNANIMOUSLY.

Los Alamos, New Mexico has  a population just shy of 13,000. They have two schools, one middle school, and one high school. One officer is stationed at each school, and another routinely patrols them.

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