NM Army Veterans Gift-Wrap Burglar for Police

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Albuquerque, June 18 – A neighborhood that had NM Army veterans probably was not the best place for a burglar to break into a home. Mark Thompson broke into a house, casually wandered around, watched tv, and even snatched a beer out of the frig. But what happened next is what made the whole incident humorous.

When the homeowner, Micah, got an alert on his cell phone that there was movement inside his house, he watched Thompson, then called his neighbor. Shandra Vestal lives across the street, and informed her husband of the man inside their neighbor’s home.

Shandra retrieved a couple of guns, and the homeowner blocked off the cul-de-sac where they live just in case the suspect had a car.

Thompson can be seen on the video casually wandering around the home, putting on a jacket, sitting down to watch TV, and then grabbing a beer from the frig. No worries, though, it didn’t last long.

Screenshot of Thompson rifling through the home

Mark Thompson- Bernalillo County Sheriff

The couple met Micah when he drove up and Shandra passed him one of the weapons.

“Micah and I went into the home with two of the loaded weapons. Micah announced himself to the perpetrator saying, ‘I have a loaded weapon, get down on your hands and knees.’ At that time, I came up behind him and we got the individual on his hands and knees to lay down.” Shandra Vestal

Did we mention that these folks had served in the Army? Thompson never had a chance. They were “confident” of their ability to detain the suspect.

The homeowner, Shandra, and her husband trussed Mark Thompson up like a Christmas goose with duct tape, hauled him outside on the driveway, and waited for police to show up.

“We got his arms and his feet duct taped. Then we picked him up, carried him out to the front yard and waited for the police to show up…The police had told us that the home prior that he had broken into. He was wearing the same clothes he had stolen from that home when he broke into Micah’s house.” Shandra Vestal

In other words, Thompson had broken into peoples home before and stolen items- yet he tried to tell police he wasn’t trying to steal anything, he just “wanted to be friends.”

It’s probably the first time that Albuquerque police ever had their suspect delivered to them as a wrapped gift.


Thompson will be charged with Residential Burglary.

Here’s the surveillance video courtesy of the Albuquerque Police:

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