NJ Gov Murphy Signs EO To Stop Gun Owners From Getting Insurance

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NJ Gov Murphy signed an Executive Order that prohibits any company from “encouraging the use of a firearm” by insuring legal gun owners.  They falsely believe that it’s “murder insurance” and promotes gun violence.

Press release Sept 10: “Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 83, directing the New Jersey Department of Treasury, the Division of Purchase and Property, and the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to promote responsible gun safety practices for gun vendors and financial institutions providing services to the state, and take action against insurance policies that encourage firearm use. This executive order complements comprehensive, commonsense gun safety legislation signed by Governor Murphy, making New Jersey a leader in instituting the strongest gun safety measures in the nation.”

Notice the wording of the start of the Governor’s press release. It says “encourage firearms use,” not improper firearms use. In NO WAY is this EO a “gun safety” measure. Later on in the order, the phrase “improper gun use” is stated. But no insurance company in any state or forum promotes the “improper use of firearms.”

This is a flagrant violation of the commerce clause of the constitution. New Jersey is attempting to control every legal gun owner to the maximum based on a false narrative.

The EO also states:

Among the directives, Governor Murphy’s executive order states:

  • The Division of Purchase and Property is to issue a request, within 30 days, to all retail dealers or manufacturers of firearms that currently sell ammunition and/or firearms to the State to ascertain whether vendor practices, where applicable, adhere to the applicable public safety principles related to firearms listed in the order.
  • Upon receipt of information from such retailers and manufacturers, the Division of Purchase and Property shall determine whether and how to ensure that any prospective bid solicitation for ammunition and firearms include a requirement that each vendor, prior to award, certify adherence to public safety principles relating to firearms as defined in this order.
  • The Treasurer is instructed to issue a request, within 30 days, to financial institutions providing services to the Department of Treasury, or any of its divisions, offices or agencies, to disclose whether such institutions have adopted any code of conduct or principles related to gun safety or responsible sales of firearms.
  • The Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, within 30 days, is instructed to take all appropriate action within her authority to prohibit and/or limit the sale, procurement, marketing, or distribution of insurance products that may serve to encourage the improper use of firearms.

Note that the EO is also attempting to pressure banks that provide financial services to gun retailers and manufacturers.

NJ Gov Murphy is telling the press that his action is “not meant to be adversarial.” (But it is). He said it’s a matter of standing up for “principles that we all value.” (Not all, Governor. It’s about YOUR anti-gun ‘principles,’ not those of every New Jersey citizen).

Keep in mind that New Jersey is hostile to the concept of concealed carry, as we’ve previously reported in the case of Calvin Carlstrom, as well as another law they passed that doesn’t mesh with Federal law.

USCCA, (US Concealed Carry Association) is not an insurance company, but has offered insurance in case a gun owner ends up in a self-defense situation. Because they list their covered parties as “beneficiaries,” they’ve had to pull out of the state, according to their press release.

The NRA has offered Carry-Guard, a similar type of insurance. The company that offered the program  had to pay a $1M fine in the state of New Jersey for offering the self-defense insurance “against the laws of the state.”

The State of New Jersey wants to regulate such companies, treating them like all other insurance companies. The only company that generally doesn’t pull out when a state goes rogue is  CCW Safe, which markets itself differently and is not exactly an “insurance” company, but could provide some financial assistance in a court case against a gun owner.

So gun owners in NY, WA, CA, and now NJ are now sort of left out to dry for self-defense insurance. It’s past time to stop the anti-gun agenda, America.


Featured photo: screenshot via Personal Defense World


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  • Karen

    Who’s pocket is he in?

  • Jerry Peterson

    Does this apply to law enforcement officials, and whether they are in or off duty? Seems like it would, which would mean a foreseeable mass exodus of law enforcement personnel…unless their insurance is the exception to the rule.

    • manxman

      Unintended consequences can be sheer hell

  • LaRock

    The Communist Sate Of New Jersey.

  • Stevie

    Someone needs to bring this guy to the Supreme Court on this EO.


      No, the people of NJ need to recall hos communist butt.

    • Tony M

      Just another reason for good law abiding people to leave this once great state!!! I’ve lived here for 52 years ( native born) and will be moving out in a few more years, once my son graduates highschool. You liberal pieces of ***t have ruined this state and continue to ruin it. Soon you will only be left with the rich and the poor in this state and the rich will move out eventually…wake up people!!!

  • Gary Surdyke

    Safe as Germany for Jews in 1040.

  • Gary Surdyke


    • Dan

      The Govener Is Trying to Protect,HIS Undocumented, IN CASE Tbey ROB You.
      They Won’T GET SHOT.

  • Tee El

    As someone from Commifornia let me just say, holy shit this guy is a nutjob.

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