NJ- Chris Christie signs bump-stock ban/confiscation.

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Chris Christie signed a bill Monday banning the sale or POSSESSION of bump stocks in the state of New Jersey.  This marked one of governor Christie’s last actions before leaving office on Tuesday 1/16/2018 after serving two terms as governor.

The bill does not only ban the future sales of this product, like most other gun legislation does, but it also forces residents to turn in their “bump stocks” within 90 days. This is confiscation, and it furthers a very scary precedent. That precedent is the idea that the American people will comply with laws that are a violation of their rights, AND that we will comply with confiscation.

It starts with the bump stock, where does it end?

We in the 2A community, for the most part, know that the bump stock is a gimmick.  It is a cheap plastic stock and grip that allows the rifle it is attached to to move independently of the device. This independent movement in conjunction with forward pressure applied to the rifle is what allows the shooter to bar his or her finger over the trigger and use the rifle’s recoil to shoot more rapidly. You can achieve this same effect by putting the thumb of your dominant hand through your belt loop, but don’t tell too many people or they may try to ban belt loops.

Getting the bump stock to perform properly takes a bit of practice, timing and technique and it also GREATLY diminishes the accuracy of the firearm. Any one who knows anything about firearms knows that accuracy, and well placed shots, are far more effective than the inconsistent,  spray and pray method that the bump stock allows (after practice).

Christie, among many other politicians, are testing the waters to see what We The People will allow them to get away with, and what we will not.  If they attempted to do this same type of “ban and confiscate” tactic on something like the high capacity magazine or the AR-15 they know there would be little to no compliance.  That is why they use something as trivial and useless as the bump stock to ease the people into the idea of confiscation and get us used to it. They tug on your heart strings, and stand on the graves of the victims of the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas to do so.  It is a disgusting tactic.

I will not tell you to break any laws if you live in New Jersey, but I will tell you to get out and vote and get your friends out to vote.  Take your state back from the people who wish to strip you of your God-given 2nd Amendment rights.

Always remember the words of  my personal hero Benjamin Franklin:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

Godspeed NJ.




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    Don’t give in!

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