Nike, Los Angeles Boutique Run Afoul of US Naval Academy

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Nike and a Los Angeles Boutique called “Undefeated” stepped into a huge problem when a designer decided to use the US Naval Academy crest as the logo for a new clothing line called “The Fives.” The crest has been removed from the internet. As of Thursday night the Office of Naval Research demanded that the companies “cease and desist” using the trademarked insignia.

“The Naval Academy crest represents honor, integrity and leadership, and is emblematic of our students and more than 80,000 alumni who serve and have served our country, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in its defense. It is difficult to understand why anyone would modify and use our symbol without permission for marketing and profit motives.” Jenny Erickson, academy spokeswoman

The Baltimore Sun reported,

“The collaborative line, dubbed The Fives, features shirts, pants, jackets and other soccer apparel adorned with the altered crest. The official Undefeated Twitter account tweeted a picture of the logo Monday — it features a shield with five tally marks flanked by columns. The shield is surrounded by a scroll reading “Respect All,” “Fear None,” “The Fives,” and “Los Angeles.”

A hand extends above the tallies to clutch a trophy adorned with a Nike logo and another scroll reading “MMII,” or 2002, the year Undefeated was established.”

The Naval Academy crest was created in 1899.

The companies involved have removed the crest from their website. Don’t know what they’ll do with shirts:

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