Nick Sandmann Wins Another Round Against Lying MSM

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Nick Sandmann wins yet again in his lawsuits against the media who accused him of stoking “racist” tensions at a pro-life rally in 2019. He already won    undisclosed settlements from WaPo and CNN,  but in a court ruling on October 1, his lawsuits against the rest of the classless mainstream media were allowed to go forward.

The MSM “License to Smear”

“Today marks another important step towards achieving justice against a media that thinks it has a license to smear.” Nick Sandmann to the PostMillenial

The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC News, and CBS News were all listed as news media who defamed Nick after the incident. With two already settled lawsuits under his belt, the Covington Catholic young man, who is now a Freshman in college, has a very good chance of settling these several lawsuits as well. The court denied their motions to dismiss.

Nick was also hired by Senator Mitch McConnell as a member of his campaign team.

His attorney has been Lin Wood, of Linwood Law, one of the attorneys that has assisted in the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Nick has been under fire from every left wing direction, even the ACLU. Samuel Crankshaw, a communications associate of the leftist attorney firm, posted on Facebook that Sandmann was a “provocateur in training” and criticized his own alma mater, Transylvania University, for allowing Nick to attend. (Daily Mail) Since these lawsuits are now able to go forward, Mr Crankshaw should learn to button his lip or be added to the list.

Mainstream media and leftists have been on a crusade to smear all Conservatives, and especially supporters of Donald Trump. Nick Sandmann and his attorney have been leading the charge against them. We hope they win BIG.

Featured photo: screenshot of Nick Sandmann in 2019 via Clash Daily



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  • Dennis Simpson III

    They don’t like him because they’re Biden supporters of which is the criminal intended influential side of America to allow illegal immigrants to move into the country and buy out US businesses and take over jobs to opress against caucasians as a means to even the score of slavery by denoting us first and align illegal substances for recreation purposes, abolish religious freedom, and apose religions who believe in God, Angels, Jesus, etc. as to vex the economy the world is ending. Only problem with that is, we’re not foolish not blindsided by those of you around the planet seeking to get a taste.

  • Mary Pippert

    They are leftists. They don’t care about truth.

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