NH House Passes “Gun Free Zones” for Schools

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On Wednesday, the NH House passed a measure that would restrict guns in schools. It was passed 195-154 along party lines with Democrats in favor of creating “Gun Free Zones” at the schools.

The legislature recognized that Federal gun free zones can’t keep children safe…but instead of doing something productive with that fact, they went the direction of “codifying” the gun free zone.

WHDH reported,

New Hampshire’s House on Wednesday voted to allow school districts to create gun-free zones over opponents’ arguments that such areas would be a target for potential shooters and subject parents and others who carry guns for protection to further scrutiny.

The bill survived two attempts to postpone it. The Democrat-controlled House passed it, 194-154.

Supporters said the zones ensure a safe learning environment by codifying the federal Gun Free Schools Act in New Hampshire.

“Currently, educators and local law enforcement officials in New Hampshire cannot enforce federal law to keep schools safe,” said bill sponsor Mary Heath, a Democrat from Manchester. She added that it’s time New Hampshire join the 47 other states that prohibit carrying or possessing a firearm on K-12 school property. She said Hawaii and Wyoming also lack the prohibition.

The bill would bar anyone not authorized by the school district from possessing a firearm on school grounds. Anyone dropping off a child could have a gun in their car as long as it’s locked away and not loaded.

Opponents voiced their displeasure with the law, but Democrats seemed not to pay any attention. The opponents said the measure would make students a target, and wondered if parents who had a firearm in their cars would be searched.

“If I have a gun, and I’m picking up a child at school, and I hear gunshots in the school… Do I then not go into the school to defend the children with my legally-owned gun?” Rep Jack Flanagan, R-Brookline (via nhpr)

The problem with gun free zones is that they are worthless. They do not create a “safe learning environment.” They actually get students killed. Every school shooting has been in a “gun free zone.” The ones that were stopped immediately had armed security. Are Democrats deliberately trying to get our students killed?

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  • jarheadtom

    Great ef’n law …NOT … now they know right where to go to cause much destruction and not worry about getting shot by a law abiding citizen

    I really wonder what makes these politicians tick … they live in a world I can imagine

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