NFL Player’s Union Contributions to Leftist Groups

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In the back of our minds, we probably knew that somewhere the NFL players were giving money to leftists. It’s true.  Now we find that the NFL Players Union (NFLPA) has been contributing to leftists for some time. That explains why no one has cracked down on their “protests.”

We previously reported on the Center for Community Change, a left wing group whose major contributors include George Soros’ organization “Open Society” that has been funding the anti-Trump movement. Now we learn the the NFL players union is right in there with them, although they have contributed also to  veterans, medical research and youth, including the Wounded Warrior Project, the Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, and others.

Breitbart reported,

In tax documents recently released by 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog group, we learn that the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) made a donation of $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a George Soros funded and adamantly anti-Trump organization.

Yet, that just scratches the surface of the NFLPA’s dealings and donations to the extreme left.

In 2013 and 2015, the NFLPA also contributed to the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, Working America. This group, according to Open Secrets, contributed $1 million to defeat President Trump during the 2016 election. However, the group’s anti-Trump activities were not limited to the election. According to the Washington Times, “Working America has since mobilized  against the Republican tax-cut framework, denouncing it as the “Trump tax scam.”…

…Also on the list of donations, is the Center for Community Change. This benign sounding organization listed Planned Parenthood as a donor on its 2015 annual report. This wouldn’t be the first time an NFL entity has mingled with abortionists, or those with ties to them…

The NFL Players Union is an AFL-CIO affiliated union.  They appear to have made it their purpose to back left wing groups instead of play football. According to the Daily Mail, Football dropped below baseball in the rating scale for the first time in “decades,” leaving baseball at the 63-65% favorable rate to the NFL’s 44%. They have been hemorrhaging viewers nearly every week, particularly in the 34-54 age range.

Many of the players have been contributors to Democrats as well. But the American people have grown weary of the “social justice” warriors in football uniforms…and they may well be destroying their own paychecks.

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    remember union are no longer working for the everyday worker. They have been working towards the downfall of America for years!s

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