NFL Player Says Anthem Kneelers are like 9/11 First Responders

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An NFL player with a few screws loose: Put your coffee down and listen to this portion of an intervew in which New Englands Patriots Safety Devin McCourty says kneeling for the National Anthem is like being a 9/11 First responder:

“So, I think a day like today, where we’re talking about 9/11 everywhere, you know, I think it’s the equality of what people went through when they were trying to rescue lives, as the same thing we’re trying to fight for.”


Seventeen years after 412 first responders died in the collapse of the World Trade Centers, this NFL player tries to compare a bunch of spoiled millionaires to the courageous bravery of first responders…or even all of the civilians who also died saving the lives of others on 9/11. Or the veterans who never returned after risking their lives to get other employees out of the buildings. Or the people who braved the toxic dust and have since died.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

When McCourty was asked about his kneeling protest being viewed as disrespectful to the flag or military, he said that the real issue was that people weren’t listening to him.

“I think, listen, you know, Malcolm Jenkins has a shirt and he wears a shirt that says ‘you aren’t listening,’ and I think that’s been the key point,” McCourty said.

“We’ve talked about different issues, umm, you know, coming up in September we’ll have a huge campaign talking about the cash bail system where, you know, 70% of people are sitting in jail, and haven’t been convicted of any crime,” he added.

“So, uh, I think you truly want to get involved and not just throw out the idea all these guys are protesting the anthem, and the service members, and actually listen to us and see what we’re talking about, we’ve had opportunities to talk to some of those service men. And they said that’s what they fought for,” he said.

Actually, we do listen, McCourty, we listen and think you and your kneeling cohorts are complete fools. Which is why we don’t watch NFL anymore.

Take a look at McCourty’s base salary:

Some of the comments say it all:

“I’m glad to see that you also “sacrificed it all” by running towards a potential life ending situation.”

“What this fool doesn’t admit is that first responders, eg police, fire, ambulance, etc are vital to the safety of the people in this country. Professional jocks, being merely over-paid entertainers, serve no more purpose than to give people occasional amusement. He’s too stupid or too much of a liar to express the difference.”


  • Toni

    I have in my life needed a policeman, fireman, EMT, medical personal. I have NEVER, EVER “needed” a pro ball player.

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