News Leftists Find Out the Hard Way: Rioters Don’t Care If You’re Left or Right.

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Two news leftists who initially sided with the rioters found out that their ‘solidarity’ was severely misplaced when rioters broke into their own buildings. Remember this: the death of George Floyd is a legitimate protest point. The riots are most certainly not and are propelled by an agenda.

Leigh Tauss, the editor of a leftist – excuse me – ‘progressive’ news outlet in Raleigh, North Carolina called “Indy Week,” initially tweeted that the protesters were extremely peaceful. The Post Millenial

A few short hours later, her tone changed as she ran to the basement to hide.

Then when she was able to get back upstairs, she was “devastated” that they had trashed the news office. Gosh, don’t rioters have any favor for the left wing news? Apparently not. Anarchists don’t care about your business, your newspaper, your family, your bank, or you. Had Ms. Tauss been close to the rioters, she could have been seriously injured. If they had decided to burn the place down, she might have died.

It’s ok, Ms Tauss, they trashed the CNN building too – are you happy to be in the company of the Communist News Network?

A Twitter user named  Shashi wrote this:

“Did you honestly believe that your “progressive values” would make you immune to this?”

Yep, she probably did, Shashi.

Then there was the case of the NBA reporter Chris Martin Palmer from ESPN in Minneapolis, who specifically told the rioters to burn down a 189 unit affordable housing development. Encouraging arson? Is that a crime?

“Burn that shit down. Burn it all down.” Chris Martin Palmer

But when rioters descended on his own neighborhood, he couldn’t resist calling them all “animals.”

“They just attacked our sister community down the street. It’s a gated community and they tried to climb the gates. They had to beat them back. Then destroyed a Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighbourhood. Go back to where you live.” Chris Martin Palmer

One Twitter user responded to his remark:

@ChrisPalmerNBA “they cant “go back to where they live” you told them to burn it down. So burn it down only applies to their house, not yours.” @CamronZoey

Exactly, Camron.

In other words, it’s ok for leftwingers  to stand with the radical left as long as they’re not the target. If they become the target, suddenly things are different. Except it doesn’t work like that for rioters. They’ll burn down a bank, beat up elderly people, hit everyone with rocks, smash leftist news media buildings or any thing else that might get in their way.

A perfect example – an older woman is beaten for just trying to protect her and her husband’s business in Rochester, New York.


Another incident in Santa Monica CA:

So let’s hear it, leftists, I mean “progressives,” how does it feel to have the tables turned on you? CNN blamed “white supremacists” and Trump for their damage in an emotional rant. But those who smashed windows, and torched buildings were leftists themselves and could have cared less about who got hurt. This was a planned agenda by people who constantly take advantage of situations to wreak havoc and destruction.

One day, we hope these idiots will figure it out and stop siding with the radical left.

Featured photo: screenshot via Mr. Andy Ngo on Twitter


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