New York Green Light Law Automatically Registers Non-citizens to Vote

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The New York Senate passed the Green Light Law which automatically registers illegals to vote when they obtain a driver’s license back in November. NY joins California and Oregon in automatic voter registration.

“I never thought it was about driving. I think it’s more about voting than it is about driving. There’s no right to driving. It’s all a privilege. To give the privilege to someone who’s already breaking the law doesn’t make any sense.” Republican Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola to Townhall

In New York, those who are pre-registered do not need to show ID before voting. Add to that plenty of welfare benefits, sanctuary cities, and now government ID, and you have a recipe for non-citizens to take over the elections.

Townhall’s Bronson Stocking wrote,

“When illegal aliens line up around the voting booths this November, Democrats like Stacey Abrams will say it’s because of voter suppression efforts from Republicans and demand we do away with voter registration altogether. Democrats like to pretend that Russian bots are the ones somehow undermining our elections when it’s really illegal aliens the Democrats plan on using to steal future elections — elections that should be decided only by U.S. citizens.”

The responses to the above tweets on the Green Light Law were predictable – people are angry that one set of rules applies to them and another applies to illegal immigrants.

“That’s just great. First, they enter the US illegally. Next? New York leftists let them sign up for licenses. If you don’t see the problem here you’re in the wrong country.” Buddy Belk

“And now, legal Americans have to jump through hoops and provide various documents to get a “new” license if we want to fly.” CR Hiatt

“I had to keep going back to the DMV 5 times, because they wanted more ID, once because my Soc Sec card was laminated – I had to go to the SS office and order a new card. It’ not fair that the NY DMV has two totally different standards for US citizens and illegals.” FKTVis

“I’m from CA where undocumented immigrants have been able to get licenses for years and I’ll tell you one thing… your traffic is gonna double!!! Happened here in LA.” Rick Ruiz

And that is why Democrats fight so hard to protect illegals- it has nothing whatsoever to do with “compassion” or any other supposedly virtuous ideology. It has to do with keeping their power. That’s all they care about.

Featured photo: Screenshot via The Hill video


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