New York City Plans Garbage Truck Barrier on NYE

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In an effort to protect Times Square on New Years Eve, New York City plans to ring the area with 65 giant sand/garbage trucks, hundreds of blocker vehicles, and concrete barriers. It’s New York Police Department’s version of a “line in the sand.”

NYPD commissioner James O’Neill says that there will be 65 garbage trucks (ok: “sanitation trucks,” or dump trucks, they’re big and nobody’s going to be able to move them) and hundreds of “blocker vehicles” surrounding the popular New Years Eve celebration.

Of course, that’s not the only preparations the NYPD is taking for the possibly 2 million attendees. They are sending 7,000 police officers, counter-terrorism squads, rifle teams, helicopters, police boats, and bomb-sniffing dogs – about 1,000 more than last year.

They are closing of a couple of extra streets this year as well. Which is going to help NYC gridlock. Not.

The Gothamist reported,

This new security measure—on top of the standard double-screening for ball drop viewing pens and dearth of restrooms—is a direct response to recent terror attacks on civilians in Nice and Berlin. In both instances, a driver plowed a large vehicle into a pedestrian-heavy area.

“It’s a changing world and we have to look at what’s going on,” Commissioner O’Neill said at a Thursday press conference. “This [sanitation truck setup] is something that’s going to be part of the future.” He added that there are no specific threats of terrorism directed at Times Square, or New York City at large, over New Year’s.

All in all, it sounds like the NYPD has it under control.

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