New Marine Corps Cyber Unit Will Drop Strict Hair Requirements…You Can Even Have Purple

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Purple Hair? Even green hair? According to Gina Harkins at, Commandant Robert Neller said the new Cyber Unit will only be for civilians or veterans. They will not have the coveted title of “Marine” or earn the EGA unless they are already veterans of the Marine Corps. Therefore the strict hair regulations of the USMC will not apply to them.

Is this a good idea?

“If anybody wants to join, you can sign up. You can have purple hair, too, but no EGA.” Marine Commandant Robert Neller to the
Future Security Forum 2019

The idea is to form a civilian unit that will work to take out the enemy’s attacks via computer or other high tech mechanisms. Today, many recruits suitable for such jobs want the six-figure incomes given by the private sector. Can the Marine Corps hope to compete with that?

According to DefenseOne last year,
In the darkest hours of World War II, a swarm of hidden foreign attackers wreaked devastation on America’s security and economy. Unfortunately, the defenders in the employ of the U.S.government were too often absent when the attackers struck, which only incentivized them to come back for more.

In response, the government formed new organizations, made up of civilian volunteers, who were able to fill in key gaps in The Civil Air Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary aided with everything from patrols to training, providing the government a novel means to tap expertise and manpower unable to join the active duty and reserves.

Today, we face the modern version of hidden attackers, who seek to undermine our security and economy; now they just use malware instead of torpedoes. And so too are the U.S. active and reserve military and government resources stretched too thin to meet the need.”

So now we may have the Marine Corps Cyber Security Unit that anyone can join if they have the proper skills in order to “fill in the gaps.” New Marine recruits already have to learn certain high tech equipment, but they also have to learn to do without it. The cyber unit will be designed to employ computer skills, which Neller says will likely be the “first salvo” of attack in warfare of the future.

In WWII, the patriotic fervor was high. Now, however, there are a lot of young people who may not feel the loyalty to our nation that the volunteers of old would have felt. Technically it has nothing to do with “hairstyles.” Certainly the USMC will do its due diligence to pick strong, qualified candidates for these cyber security positions.

But…purple hair?

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