New Jersey Township Zoning Change Effectively Bans Gun Stores

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The New Jersey township of Piscataway passed a zoning change on Thursday that effectively bans gun stores. Gov Phil Murphy signed 6 new gun control measures into law, increasing the rigidity of their firearms laws, as we previously reported. This township has found a way to make it even worse.

Piscataway Township posted this on their facebook page:

June 14, 2018 – Considered the first of its kind in New Jersey, the Piscataway Township Council this evening passed an ordinance prohibiting the retail sale of firearms or ammunition within 1,000 feet of sensitive locations. The ordinance was authored by Ward 3 Councilmember Steve Cahn, an attorney and former U.S. Marine captain.

Under the measure, retail sales would be banned near schools, day care sites, college campuses, medical facilities, bars, parks, places of worship and similar sites.

“The federal government has been willingly absent on the epidemic of gun violence,” Councilmember Cahn said. “With a president and congressional majority abhorrently mired in demagoguery, it is left to states and local governments to protect our residents, so we acted.”

Cahn’s initiative complements the six state bills recently signed into law by Governor Phil Murphythat will also help stem the tide of gun violence. Cahn attended the signing ceremony in Trenton yesterday.

To promote the ordinance, Piscataway Township hosted a press conference in late May at which Rep.Bonnie Watson Coleman and Rep. Frank Pallone Jr.spoke about proactive federal legislation including the Handgun Licensing and Registration Act of 2018, Cahn and Mayor Brian C. Wahler spoke about the local ordinance, and Senator Bob Smith and Bill Castner, Governor Phil Murphy’s Senior Advisor on Firearms, spoke about the meaningful gun reform legislation at the state level.

Piscataway Township has approximately 56,000 residents.  According to,  the council believes this ordinance will save lives.  But the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs sent a legal letter to the council, advising them that they will begin litigation should the zoning change pass. It passed.

“This proposed ordinance would violate the Second Amendment as well as state law pre-empting towns from regulating firearms sales. The premise behind the ordinance is absurd – criminals don’t buy guns from licensed dealers, and locating sales 1,000 feet from property in Piscataway will neither stop nor deter someone intent on doing evil. The local grandstanding politicians pushing this measure don’t seem to understand the difference between law-abiding gun owners and criminals.” ANJRPC executive director Scott Bach
Politicians, liberals, none of them have ever understood the difference, Mr. Bach. Because to them, it’s the gun, not the person behind it.
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  • Jamie

    This won’t help at all. Criminals will just buy them elsewhere… Won’t prevent a criminal at all!!
    Nice job…LOL

  • David joe Oliver.

    What is wrong with those citizens that live there?? They are stupid that’s what they are. Having gun shops wherever they are located does not hurt the public places that were mentioned. Criminals don’t buy legal firearms. You have some weak back boned politicians there in that town. They are not looking at their citizens rights!! The right to bear arms, the 2nd Amendment, and buying guns in local shops legally. Y’all need to elect new officials. Someone who doesn’t mind. Keeping things in perspective. Wake up America before it’s to late!!!

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