New Jersey Puts Antifa on Domestic Terrorist List

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The group “Antifa” which claims to be “anti-Fascist” has finally been placed on at least one domestic terrorist list – New Jersey. Though not as widespread as it should be, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

The State of New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness has placed Antifa on their list primarily because of the group’s propensity to incite violence toward white supremacists. Many demonstrations have turned violent after they came on the scene.

The only problem with New Jersey’s view is that Antifa hates everybody, not just neo-Nazis… they are anarchists who do not believe that anyone has any rights but themselves. They actively work to shut down free speech, and ordinary citizens any way they can- “By any means necessary.”

The State of New Jersey is the first to declare the anarchist group terrorists. They are, in fact, organized regionally and are well funded. They communicate via Social Media, and are able to pull together violent protesters with little effort.

Antifa is a worldwide anarchist group. They view anyone who disagrees with them as “Nazis” and threatens to harm them. They see people who support the President as Nazis. To them, everyone is the enemy, especially law enforcement. They have disrupted Trump rallies across the nation, and provided a sort of “training” to members in order to engage police and others.


As we have previously reported, Antifa employs many of the tactics of Nazi Germany. Their logos reflect such connection, and they may think it’s funny to do so. But they do stand on the same side as the National Socialist Workers Party…Nazi for short…whether by design or ignorance.


A petition to the White House requested that the President declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, but did not meet the signature requirements in time and was closed. Others were started on and Stand United.

“Over the last several months, we have seen Antifa- short for anti-fascist-  agitators commit acts of political violence all across our country.

Masked Antifa members in Washington D.C. attacked and beat several individuals, as well as looting and destroying stores during the presidential inaugural weekend.

Antifa members in Seattle beat several individuals

Antifa members in Berkeley beat people unconscious with flagpoles, assaulted innocent bystanders, and torched UC Berkeley property.

These acts of political violence are growing rampant and clearly meet the definition of terrorism. Antifa poses a threat to innocent men and women across the country.

President Trump, we as Americans who value peaceful discourse ask that you declare Antifa a terrorist organization.”

Members of Antifa are nothing more than anarchist thugs who deliberately try to prey on Americans.



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