New Jersey Marine Veteran Seeks “Sanctuary Status” in State that Seems to Value Illegals Before Veterans

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In hopes of getting answers to his fraud complaint, Purple Heart recipient Jack Cunningham, a US Marine Vietnam Veteran, has watched as New Jersey politicians push for sanctuary city status. But he has tried long and hard for 18 years to find someone who would handle his complaints against the New Jersey Supreme Court. Would it be nice if NJ extended the same courtesy to US veterans that they appear to want for illegals?

[You can read some of  Jack’s war experiences at this link.]

Photo of Jack in Vietnam- provided

Obstruction of justice

The complaints are: 1) a missing audio court transcript that was never typed up or placed in the court file, 2) attorneys who wrote up their own certifications illegally, sworn certifications that were accepted by the New Jersey Supreme Court without question, and contained “misleading, vague and perjurious statements,”  3) when Mr. Cunningham accused his own attorney of ethics violations, the Office of Attorney Ethics committee just happened to have his own attorney on that committee when they ‘investigated.’ Outcome predictable: no evidence, dismissed.


Adding to those issues was this comment made in open court by a member of the Office of Attorney Ethics:

“It’s not your law firm’s fault that you have mental problems!”

And naturally that transcript suddenly “disappeared.”

Jack finally got the attention of Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), who wrote a letter on his behalf to the DOJ, asking for an investigation into the allegations.

“Veterans who return home from serving our nation should not face discrimination and should receive equal protection under the law.” Congressman Josh Gottheimer

Of course, the DOJ responded that they weren’t going to investigate. Again, insufficient evidence.

Insufficient evidence because the audio tape somehow “disappeared.” Insufficient evidence because it didn’t correspond to what they normally deal with.

A veteran liasion in Congressman Gottheimer’s office promised to get another letter out in March, 2018. He actually sent Jack this message:

“Hey Jack, Got your stuff. I will have your letter ready for the Congressman’s review on Monday and hope to have it out by Wednesday the latest.” May 23, 2018

By April 5, the veteran was gone from Gottheimer’s office. Did he just leave? Did the Congressman decide not to sign the letter he wrote? It’s a mystery.

By then, the Congressman was done with Jack’s requests. Now his office claims they’ve never heard of Jack Cunningham. I’ve reached out to his office twice- the first time they told me “no comment,” the second time was a total blank – no response at all. Several of Jack’s friends who reached out received the same response…including that they’ve never heard of Jack Cunningham.

 “Jack knew if he could somehow cut back on his rage, his frustration, his fears that the lawyers’ games were generating and causing to resurface from his combat experiences, he could spell out the simplicity of his evidence. But as the years went on, his rage, frustration and fears added to his limitations. He had too much to say and the years of information were all coming out at once.

 He had ten lanes of car-traffic coming into a two lane tunnel. The more he tried to explain on the internet the more confused and tired of listening, his readers would become. It was a vicious cycle that only the corrupt lawyers and their corrupt, protective state officials enjoyed.”

Jack Cunningham does not have a “mental problem.” He does have severe PTSD, which breaches his ability to explain what he feels is corruption and malfeasance by the attorneys. PTSD is a physiological response to stimulus, not mental illness.

With so many dead ends now before him, the frustration level is extreme. The one person he thought might help him has walked away. Jack even received a letter from President Trump’s office last year, saying that his information would be forwarded to the appropriate agency. There has been no action that he is aware of.

What will happen now?  The readership of his numerous blogs has diminished. People don’t want to hear about him or from him anymore. Jack’s not the kind to “give up” like some veterans do, because he has five children and his wife, Joan.  He loves his family deeply. But it’s a shame that people don’t understand PTSD…or the heart of man who just wants to be treated with respect, and be listened to by people who can do something about his information.

“A man good enough to shed his blood for his country, is good enough to receive a square deal afterwards .” Theodore Roosevelt


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