New Jersey Insanity: Gun Control Continues. Will Choices Have to be Made?

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New Jersey insanity – the state is once again looking at several gun control bills. Not that they haven’t had them before… but they want to ratchet the screws down even tighter on any legal gun owner. They appear to believe that law abiding gun owners are the devil incarnate. Or they are convinced that the entire state should be disarmed. They will be holding a hearing on the new gun bills this coming Thursday at 10:00 a.m.


A.1016 by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson requires gun shops to sell smart guns.  They are simply trying to force market acceptance of a technologically unviable product.  New Jersey’s current statute requires that once smart guns are certified, then only smart guns can be sold.  This would ban the future sale of traditional handguns.  This is nothing more than a gun ban disguised as a “firearm safety” issue. ​

A.3696 by Assemblywoman Joann Downey requires mandatory storage of firearms.  New Jersey already has a storage requirement.  This bill does nothing more than continue to tip the scales in favor of criminals in self-defense situations. 

A.5452 by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson would require Firearms Identification Cards to be renewed every four years and would require training to obtain an FID card.  The bill also makes it tougher to will firearms as part of an estate.

A.5453 by Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez and A.5454 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald criminalizes the purchase, transfer and possession of firearms and ammunition to disqualified individuals.  This legislation is completely unnecessary given that current federal and state law already prohibits straw purchases. 

A.5455 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald regulates the sale of handgun ammunition and develops a system for electronic reporting of firearm information.

A.1016 is a joke. And not a “hahahah” kind of joke. New Jersey insanity has already created the “smart gun” law which eventually bans the sale of any kind of handgun except the one that doesn’t exist yet.

As you can see by the laws proposed, they are either recycling the same stale arguments, or attempting to make the New Jersey insanity even worse.

Why are these kinds of “answers to gun violence” so insane? Because it’s not about the gun, it’s about the person behind the gun. Gun control will never be effective because the people it targets are not the people who commit the crimes. Violence is committed by people with little conscience, and do not think like ordinary folks. Liberals also don’t have a lick of common sense and don’t think like ordinary folks either.

They’ve called it a “safety issue” as liberals like to do, but the real safety issue is what happens to legal gun owners that can’t get to their weapon when danger strikes? Worse yet, what if NJ keeps it going so hard that citizens won’t be able to defend themselves at all? With the government of New Jersey so bent upon disarming the people…that’s what the 2nd Amendment was written for in the first place: protecting the citizens from the government. Libs laugh about that, but the day is coming when choices will have to be made.


Featured photo: YouTube screenshot New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in 2018

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