New Jersey Hospital Official on Leave After Racially Charged Post About Police

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Michellene Davis, an administrator at a New Jersey Hospital, RJW Barnabas, posted a racially charged remark beneath a local story about schools hiring armed police officers to protect the children. Now she’s on administrative leave after first lying about posting it, then offering an apology for doing so.

“Who is going to train them not to shoot black children first?”

The remark garnered anger throughout the community, including the police association.

Faced with the instant backlash, she lied about it.

Then she confessed to the posting.

The Cresskill Daily Voice reported,

Fair Lawn PBA President Luis Vazquez called Davis’ apology a “step in the right direction.”

“We are held to the highest standards and pride ourselves in our professionalism and our love for our community, especially our schools and children,” he wrote.

Created in 2015, RWJBarnabas Health is a network of independent healthcare providers — academic centers, acute care facilities, and research hospitals — based at its medical center in West Orange. Its goals include collaborating on educational and research programs.

Here’s the issue: The picture is of several white officers. The black community is suspicious of police, especially white police. Police are suspicious of the black community because a lot of crime comes out of it. The more society feeds that situation, the more problems will arise.

People give off- let’s call it “vibes.” Suspicion is subjective, but behavior that is “suspicious” is something police are taught to pay attention to. If they don’t, they can end up dead. If a policeman pulls you over and you EXPECT to have a problem, then the officer will be suspicious of you based on the “vibes” you put off.

The black community is taught that they are the victims of the whites. They are taught to be suspicious of police.  A series of high profile shootings of blacks has fed that narrative, and yes, there are racist cops just like in every other walk of life. What Ms. Davis posted is the trend all through society right now.  She made assumptions that are not correct about law enforcement.

Now she is on administrative leave. These kind of racist thought patterns on either side cannot be eradicated by legislation or by protests, screaming and yelling and social media scrabble. They require interaction and building of trust.






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