New Jersey 5th grader suspended for Nerf bullet

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On May 8th, a Atlantic City, N.J., 5th grade student, Aarin Moody, was suspended from classes for possession of a toy foam Nerf bullet.
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A 5th Grader’s Premeditated School Felony?
The single soft foam bullet was discovered when it fell from Aarin’s pocket as he was retrieving a late note his teacher had requested, panicking school administrators  at Uptown Complex School.  There was a broken toothpick lodged in the end of the toy bullet, prompting school officials to deem the soft foam bullet a “dangerous projectile” and a “self constructed weapon.”
The school’s weapons policy states, “Anything readily capable of lethal use or inflicting serious bodily injury” is prohibited on campus.
An Innocent Act
Bewildered by the school’s aggressive response to his unintended infraction Aarin explains that he didn’t realize he was carrying the toy with him to school….
“They want me to like say that I did it on purpose, I put it in my pocket to hurt someone,” he told one local paper.
The Sentencing Phase
The school’s administrators initially wanted to expel the 5th grader from all classes for a week but then revised their ruling to a five-day, in-school suspension and a notation on his permanent record stating that he brought a “makeshift weapon to school.”
Convicted Without a Trial…..Guilty Until Proven Innocent
“It’s completely ludicrous,” Aarin’s mother, Michelle Moody, told “I could understand if he had the [toy] gun in class and tried to shoot someone, but he didn’t. All he had was the dart with a broken toothpick in it.  
Michelle believes the school’s actions were of a retaliatory nature.   She believes her son’s suspension was the result of “a complaint [she filed] against the board claiming harassment issues from a supervisor during her time as a substitute custodian in the district.”
The Probationary Period
After serving his suspension Aarin was allowed to return to classes on Monday but was placed on a probation.

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