New Iran Missile Tests- So much for those agreements

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New Iran Missile Tests- So much for those agreements

Since Iran became our new BFF, we’ve just seen them flourish and do everything according to the rules, right? That would be a resounding NO. On Tuesday, they conducted multiple missile tests in direct violation of the sanctions that were imposed in January that attempted to stop their missile program.

missile tests

File photo of Iran missile testing via World Bulletin

AFP reported via Yahoo News,

State media announced that short-, medium- and long-range precision guided missiles were fired from several sites to show the country’s “all-out readiness to confront threats” against its territorial integrity.

Pictures of the launches were broadcast and reports said the armaments used had ranges of 300 kilometres (190 miles), 500 km, 800 km and 2,000 km.

The latest tests, during an exercise named “The Power of Velayat”, a reference to the religious doctrine of the Islamic republic’s leadership, were undertaken by the Revolutionary Guards and its Aerospace wing.

Sepah News, the Guards’ official media service, carried a statement confirming the tests, which come less than two weeks after elections in Iran delivered gains to politicians aligned with Hassan Rouhani, the country’s moderate president.

“Moderate” is a relative term, as Rouhani answers to the Ayatollah Khamenei. Until THAT relationship is severed, there will be no “moderate” rulers of Iran.

More sanctions mean nothing to Iran

The sanctions imposed on Iran in January came just 24 hours after the sanctions related to the Nuclear Deal were lifted.

For its part, Iran seeks to demonstrate that the sanctions cannot harm their military prowess.  Like sticking their middle finger in the air at America, they want to make sure that the activities the U.S. refers to as”destabilizing” will not disturb anything they want to accomplish.

Iran’s Missiles were not part of the Nuclear deal. But the tests violate other international agreements. So will Iran walk away from the nuclear agreement  (now that they have their money)? Anything could happen.

“If our interests are not met under the nuclear deal, there will be no reason for us to continue.” Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister

U.S. lawmakers responded with deep concern. And the question remains…what’s the world or the U.S. going to do about it?

“The administration’s response to Iran’s new salvo of threatening missile tests in violation of international law cannot once again be, it’s ‘not supposed to be doing that.'” Sen. Mark Kirk (R- IL) to the Free Beacon

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