New Hampshire Goes Constitutional Carry

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It is now legal to carry a loaded, concealed weapon without a piece of paper in the State of New Hampshire. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed the Constitutional Carry bill into law on Wednesday. There are now at least 12 states with the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

“It is common-sense legislation. This is about making sure that our laws on our books are keeping people safe while remaining true to the live-free-or-die spirit.” Gov Sununu

The Concord Monitor reported,

Under the new law, anyone who can legally possess a gun under state and federal law can carry it concealed in a purse, car or briefcase without a license. State statute bars convicted felons or people subject to restraining orders from possessing a gun. Under federal law, drug users, fugitives and people convicted of certain domestic violence crimes, among others, cannot have firearms.

The state’s licensing process will remain in place so people who want to carry concealed outside state lines can get the necessary paperwork. Nonresidents who wish to carry concealed guns in New Hampshire would no longer need to get a license from state police, according to the bill’s fiscal note. The new law took effect immediately.

New Hampshire follows a number of other states that have recently eliminated licensing requirements, including Idaho, Mississippi and neighboring Maine.

There are approximately 20 more states that have proposed full Constitutional carry legislation. All of them are bitterly opposed by anti-gun lobbyists and sometimes liberal law enforcement.  The idea that there will be “blood in the streets” still pervades many state houses.

Another argument that always comes up is that “law enforcement won’t be able to track guns that fall into the wrong hands.” Concealed Carry permits aren’t for the guns, they’re for the gun owners. Allowing people to carry concealed simply gives citizens one more tool to protect themselves in this age of idiocy.

It is a constant fight against liberal logic to get any pro-gun legislation passed. That New Hampshire was able to do it is yet another amazing accomplishment.



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