New Hampshire Bill HB 218 – Revoke Police Authority to Use Deadly Force

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A bill introduced in the New Hampshire House, HB 218, would revoke police authority to use deadly force while effecting an arrest. No this is not satire. A Libertarian group called the New Hampshire Liberty-Republicans introduced the bill in the current legislative session.

HB 218 is currently in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee. A vote is expected later in the month, however several times it has been scheduled and several times the meetings have been cancelled.


Proponents of the bill say that it will “save lives.” Likely this bill would kill more police officers. The situation with the war on cops is already at a fever pitch. Taking away their ability to defend both themselves and the public is a totally foolish plan.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

“Terrible idea,” [Actor Dean]Cain said. ““No law enforcement officer wants to use deadly force during an arrest. Regrettably, sometimes it is the only option. Enacting a law like this is dangerous, irresponsible, and will lead to even more violence against law enforcement.”

He argued that deadly force is only supposed to be used as a last resort in all cases, and said it is usually only implemented to prevent injury to the officer or members of the general public.

One retired law enforcement source told The Daily Caller that things have changed in recent years so that police officers have to worry about more than getting injured or killed on the job.

He said that now they “have to worry if they’re going to lose their job or get sued.”

Police suicides are climbing. Police officers killed in the line of duty are climbing, and criminals are even shooting the police dogs. What should they do, be unarmed like European police? Like this photo of an unarmed police officer during the Charlie Hebdo attack in France who begged for his life and was shot to death anyway?


If these “Libertarian Republicans” want to save lives, working within the communities to dispel the myths and attitudes so commonplace would be a great start. Don’t they understand that we don’t live in Mayberry anymore?


Featured photo: screenshot of a reported shooting in which a police officer was injured

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