New Fuel for Gun Control – Attorney for Gov Cuomo Shot

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New York City – First Deputy Counsel, Carey Gabay, a Harvard educated attorney for Governor Cuomo, was hit by a stray bullet at 3:41 a.m., hours before the start of the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn on Monday morning. He is in critical condition.

attorney for gov cuomo

Carey Gabay, First Deputy counsel to Governor Cuomo

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

As Gabay and his brother were walking through the area where the parade was to start, enjoying what is known as the J’Ouvert, when a gang fight broke out and a gunman started shooting. As he and his brother took cover between two cars, Gabay was struck in the head with a bullet.

He was transported to Kings County hospital, and is on life support. Police stated there is no brain activity.

“He was caught in gunfire that he had nothing to do with. And there is nothing we can do, nothing the doctors can do, but pray… I was just with the family, and the tears and the frustration. And I’m governor of the State of New York. And there’s nothing I can say and there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.” NY Governor Cuomo

A couple of questions: Why was the First Deputy Counsel to the Governor of  New York walking around the street at 0341 a.m. when the West Indian Parade has a history of rowdy behavior? The history of the parade is so rowdy that police are said to “turn a blind eye to the behavior.”

Police recovered 22 spent cartridges in the vicinity of the shooting.

“We will fight against the propagation of guns with everything we have because we can’t keep losing good young men.” NY Mayor DeBlasio

The tragedy is…

Getting guns out of the hands of criminals while safeguarding the right of citizens to bear arms is not an easy task, and never will be. Criminals do not purchase their guns at the local sporting goods store where they have to fill out the forms for a background check. They are not interested in complying with the laws, they are interested in death and destruction.

Governor Cuomo says he is proud of the New York “SAFE Act.” He swears he is not anti-gun because he “has one under his bed.”  [Note: kind of a stupid place to keep it. If you need it you have to bend over and grab it from an awkward position. Just sayin’.]

The tragedy of this shooting- and it is a tragedy- is that all it did was take a life, destroy family and friends,  and ignite an argument that never solves the problem.



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