Nevada Witness Says Biden-Harris Van Unloaded Boxes of Ballots at Counting Center

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A Nevada witness says he watched as a Biden-Harris van pulled up to a counting Center in Nevada and unloaded boxes of ballots, then attempted to shield their activity with a line of people.

Ballots unsealed and resealed

The Washington Times reported,

A witness claims to have seen a Biden-Harris van bringing ballots to a counting center in Nevada, according to the Trump campaign.

The witness said he went for a walk on his lunch break around the counting center and spotted a Biden-Harris van unloading boxes of ballots, said conservative activist Matt Schlapp at a press conference organized by the Trump campaign in Las Vegas

“These people who were involved in this activity then decided to create a human shield around what they were doing in the van,” said Mr. Schlapp, who is chairman of the American Conservative Union.

The ballots were filled out and the envelopes were resealed, he said.

The Biden-Harris van caper is just the tip of the iceberg

But the mainstream media, and quite a few fools in Congress, tell everyone that there is ‘no indication of any voter fraud.’ They say that those from the Trump campaign are lying. The problem with that is the enormous amounts of election irregularities that are flagrantly shown everywhere.

Of course, that’s not the only case. Another witness claimed that he flagged thousands of votes to his supervisor, but was told to ‘process them anyway.’ Nevada alone has (so far) had 9,000 votes from 1) non-residents, 2) underaged voters, and 3) dead people.

Let’s be blunt: if they are allowed to get away with this, there will never be another clean election in the United States.  It has already damaged the process, possibly beyond repair, and that’s what it was designed to do. Democrats are attempting to make absolutely certain that Republicans never win any election again.

Democrats and leftists, as well as RINOs, do not care about the American people – they care about themselves, protecting their positions… and destroying the opposition. If you think it was bad before, just wait.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Newsbreak- file only.


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    Based on Fox Laura Ingraham interview: So, the witness, a poll worker, went for a walk on their lunch break noticed a Biden-Harris van in the parking lot in broad day light. One person was opening the ballots the other marking them next to a Biden-Harris van in a parking lot in broad daylight in plain view of the poll worker, such that the worker could see them opening and marking ballots. On the way back to work the Biden Harris van was still there and they were still marking ballots in a parking lot in broad daylight in plain view of the poll worker. The poll work went back to work without reporting it to anyone, without taking a picture/video people committing a felony next to a Biden-Harris van in the parking lot in broad day light. Sounds legit, I mean that is how I would commit a felony if I didn’t want to get caught.

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