Nevada Gun Bill SB 261 – Criminalizing Common Firearm Modifications

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If SB 261 passes in Nevada, the possibility of being arrested for a class D Felony for modifying your semi-automatic rifle increases dramatically.

Nevada gun law  passed in February

Nevada passed a background check bill in February which their governor signed into law, according to the Reno-Gazette. It goes into effect on January 2, 2020. It requires background checks for any transfer of firearms even to family members, even on a temporary basis. It’s convoluted to say the least- they passed it to close a “loophole.”

The next chapter: SB 261

This bill, SB 261, could create a huge snarl if a legal gun owner wants to do competition shooting, or if they are disabled and need extra assistance to shoot. The modifications listed in the bill are common ones.

SB 261 reads, in part:

Section1. Chapter 202 of NRS is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to read as follows: Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, a person shall not import, sell, manufacture, transfer, receive or possess: (a)Any manual, power-driven or electronic device that is designed such that when the device is attached to a semiautomatic firearm,the device: (1)Materially increases the rate of fire of the semiautomatic firearm; or (2)Approximates the action or rate of fire of a machine gun; (b)Any device, part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to materially increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic firearm by eliminating the need for the operator of the semiautomatic firearm to make a separate movement for each individual function of the trigger; or (c)Any semiautomatic firearm that has been modified in any way that: Materially increases the rate of fire of the semiautomatic firearm; or (2)Approximates the action or rate of fire of a machine gun. A person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a category D felony.

The NRA wrote:

SB 261, introduced by Sen. Yvanna Cancela (D-10), would prohibit the sale, manufacture, purchase, possession, or transfer of various firearm parts and accessories.  This legislation has language even more broad and overreaching than existing federal regulations and could potentially criminalize firearm modifications such as competition triggers or ergonomic changes that are commonly done by law-abiding gun owners to make their firearms more suitable for self-defense, competition, hunting, or even overcoming disability.  Senate Bill 261 has been referred to the state Senate Committee on Judiciary but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing. 

This appears to be the Democrat method of piece-mealing the approach to anti-gun legislation. They just finish up one that is innocuous-sounding about background checks, and hop right into gun accessories. If they word these laws right, people will be asleep at the helm and pass them.

Don’t be asleep at the helm.

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  • usmcm14

    Time to start killing off these anti American Politian’s and their cult like followers !!!!

  • Jerry Mats

    Faye is correct.
    If you put polish your trigger parts or
    put lubrication on you semi-automatic trigger group, it will shoot faster. Will that now be illegal?

  • Kevin

    Modification is altering,Lubrication is maintenance.

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