Netflix Adds Susan Rice to Board of Directors: #BoycottNetflix

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Netflix has added Obama’s crony and serial liar Susan Rice to their Board of Directors. The kicker? They have been negotiating to have Obama produce content for their company. They have been left-wing for some time, but this move has created a serious backlash.

So you have the woman who unmasked Americans, lied about the Benghazi attack, and spied on Republicans now joining a company that wants Barack Obama to make content. Time to rethink that Netflix subscription. But the backlash has begun:

One person even mentioned that they divested their stockholdings:

No Vero Voss, apparently we can’t enjoy anything that isn’t leftist drivel coming from people who hate Trump, hate guns, hate Republicans, hate hate hate. The only hope we have is the new Rosanne show which is pro-Trump.


Featured photo: Susan Rice screenshot via oneindia

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  • MAX

    netflix is worse than syfy channel

  • Ben

    Susan Rice may be a trusted advisor to Obama, but she is demeaning lier to the 100 million people of Ethiopia as well.

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