Need a Job? Hungary’s Border Hunters are Hiring

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If you want a job, Hungary is recruiting for “border hunters” to stop the Muslim migrants trying to get into their country.  They already reportedly have 10,000 police and military stationed on their borders, but they want more. They hope to have their “border hunter” program in place by May 2017.

“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work or the population to sustain itself or for the country to have a future. Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.”  Prime Minister Viktor Orban

The Hungarian government plans to outfit the 3,000 new recruits (after 6 months of training) with night goggles, dogs, and riot gear. They must pass a psychological test.

PM Viktor Orban is constantly under fire by the left, particularly after he went against the EU demand that all countries take their “fair share” of migrants and erected a razor wire fence along the border of Serbia last year. Several members of the EU also erected a border fence, including Austria, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

It doesn’t always stop the migrants, but it does slow them down significantly. In February, the number of migrants doubled, and many forced their way into Hungary in spite of the fence.

border hunters

Cutting through the razor wire in Hungary

As usual, the left is using the age-old standby- “racism”- to attack Orban.

“They have launched this extremely vile campaign to portray migrants as rapists and terrorists who can only be stopped if we put up walls to protect our Christian identity. To them, it doesn’t matter that it’s not true what they’re saying. They have created a great opportunity for racists.”  Hungarian Helsinki Committee Co-chair Marta Pardavi

In 1970, I visited Hungary. Then a Communist nation, it was surrounded with fences, guard towers, and attack dogs – to keep their own citizens INSIDE. When the Cold War was over, the fences came down.

Now the fences are back up, this time to keep the Muslim migrants out. They are a security and terror risk, and the Hungarian government does has a process for allowing some  immigration. But “some” is wiser than a flood.

So the fences are up in Hungary, and those over 18 are being recruited as “Border Hunters.” Anyone want a job?


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