Nebraska – Sons stabs mother, throws siblings away

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Omaha/La Vista, Nebraska -In an act that defies reason, Roberto Martinez-Marinero not only stabbed his own mother to death, he pitched his infant brother, Angel,  into a dumpster, and threw his brother Josue, 5, in the river. It took police a while to piece together the various parts of the story.


Jesus Marinero, stabbed to death, and her son Josue thrown into the river — WOWT photo

Wednesday – A passerby happened to walk by  a dumpster outside the La Vista Apartments and heard a faint whimper. When he looked inside, he found an infant boy, 11 months, covered in scratches, lint, and bruises. Police issued a public request for information.


Angel Ramirez-Marinero. 11 months, was thrown into a dumpster and found by a passerby – police photo

Shortly afterward, the child’s mother, Jesus Ismenia Marinero was found dead from multiple stab wounds. An Amber alert was issued for her 5 year old son, Josue, who was missing from the residence. The Amber alert was cancelled after a vehicle involved in this incident was found.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents questioned the father of the infant on Thursday.

Thursday evening, her oldest son, Roberto Martinez- Marinero turned himself in to the Douglas County Jail and confessed that he had stabbed his mother.  He also stated that he had thrown Josue into the river.


Roberto- Martinez-Marinero confessed to the murder of his mother- Police photo

Friday, the Omaha police launched a multi-agency ground, water, and air search of the  Elkhorn River near the location given by the suspect. The search was terminated late Friday night, but has resumed on Saturday morning. At this writing, Josue is still missing.

Robert Marinero was charged with first degree murder and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

Jose Ramirez, the father of the infant boy,  is at home with Angel and family members. Though the exact motive is unclear, a niece of the family stated that Roberto was constantly asking the family for money.  The investigation continues.


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