NC Toys for Tots Meets the Grinch

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Sanford, North Carolina –  Every year, the Grinch tries to steal Christmas from children all over the world. Theft and vandalism were his methods at the NC Toys for Tots warehouse, where their collection for children was severely damaged and items stolen.

Vandalism and theft

When the local Lee County organizer for Toys for Tots went to the warehouse where they were keeping the collected items, he was shocked to find that someone had made a huge mess. Boxes were torn open, toys smashed, and some items stolen. The estimate was approximately $3,000 in damages and loss.

“I don’t remember any damage when we were taking stuff out there. I do know that somebody just took it upon themselves. It’s not like I had unmarked toys just laying in a corner. Somebody just decided to go through it.” J.J. Cuff


Usmclife reported,

Toys for Tots is a program of the U.S. Reserve, based out of Washington, D.C., which distributes new toys to “less fortunate” children at Christmas. The League in Sanford began collecting toys at almost 50 locations throughout the county in late October.

Cuff said basketballs, soccer balls and footballs and anything with batteries and electronics were taken. Many of the other toys and boxes were damaged. Some toys were scattered around the main floor of the warehouse, owned by Simpson Construction Company.

“We’ve been storing here for eight years and we’ve never had a problem,” he said. “Every box had been emptied upside down. I walked in here and toys were piled up. Everything they didn’t want, they just commenced to jump on and break it. I can’t use a broken toy. Even if the box is damaged, I can’t use it.”

The Marine Corps League is now working hard to salvage what they can, and if it’s usable but slightly damaged, they’ll donate it to another group. The Corps only accepts new toys.

The heart of a Grinch thinks nothing of destroying items meant for the children who have nothing. The Corps usually tries to give multiple toys to each child, but this year they may only be able to give one.

Unlike the Dr. Seuss character of story book fame, the thieves who did this are selfish…we hope they get a dose of reality and true justice this Christmas.

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