Navy Veteran Calls Out Maxine Waters in Ad from Her Own Mansion

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Navy Veteran Joe Collins is running against Maxine Waters in California. His latest political ad has been described as a “scathing” rebuke of the woman who lives in a $6 million mansion outside of her district while the rest of the district lies in ruins from homelessness, riots, and poverty. His ad raises the question – does her angry, hate-Trump-filled rhetoric help her district in any way?

“Do you know where I am? Maxine Waters’ $6 Million Mansion. 

Do you know where I’m not? Her District.

Mansion Maxine Waters doesn’t live in her District — I do.

My name is Joe Collins and I’m running for Congress against Maxine Waters. 

Help me win.”

Waters’ house was originally in her district. When the legislative lines were redrawn, it was placed slightly out of it. She was elected for the 43rd District in 1991. Prior to that she was in the California Assembly.

“She has a very nice community, she has a really big house – and that’s just one of three or four house that she has. And meanwhile, she comes to the inner city and preaches the message of hatred, and a message of us vs. them… And when she’s done spreading the hate through our community, she goes back to this huge mansion while the rest of us live in crime-infested, poverty, neighborhoods where people are absolutely struggling to live.

We have bars on our windows. We don’t have any high-paying quality jobs. And people needed to see that. And so it was very important that we shined a light on the disparities between how Maxine Waters lives and … how we actually live.” Joe Collins to Fox

Joe Collins with Los Angeles Police officers

Collins is the first politician in decades to bring that disparity to light in a powerful way. Others have mentioned it, but were quickly shut down by the leftists who want her to stay for her hate-filled rhetoric. There are numerous leftists commenting on his Twitter post.

He reportedly served over 13 years in the U.S. Navy and his bio says he fought in the Iraq War.

The Center for Responsive Politics lists her net worth at over  $700k in 2018, although the page reveals that she has investments totalling $3 million (mostly real estate) and is ranked 190th for wealth in the House. Money,Inc lists her net worth at $2 – $3 million. She has come under fire for corruption numerous times, and has been called anti-Semitic for her friendship with Louis Farrakhan, the racist leader of the Nation of Islam.

This screenshot of Waters and Farrakhan from 2002 was taken down by Twitter

This is one time when California’s 43rd District has a real choice. Who will they pick as their representative?

Featured photo: screenshot via Joe Collins ad


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  • Tedie Mulligan

    Great article! Thank you for honest reporting.

  • Alan Sherman

    I’d vote for this guy in a second and I’ll bet 75% of people in this district will vote for him. But he’ll never win. Why, because the election is fixed. End of story.

  • autoxman

    farcebook has blocked this from being posted They say that you removed it from their platform! WTF

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