Navy Veteran Assumed the Worst When Bremerton Police Pulled Her Over…

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Navy veteran Brittany Payne assumed she was just about to take another hit of bad luck when Bremerton Police Officer Steven Forbragd pulled her over. But she was in for a surprise, according to Q13 Fox.

Officer Forbragd pulled her over because she was missing the front license plate on her vehicle. He said, “She was almost in tears right away, pretty much…She said she’s a single mom and didn’t have the tools to put the plates on.”

It seems that Ms. Payne was “down on her luck.” She had her 15 month old child in the back seat and assumed she was about to have yet another hit of bad luck.

“I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him whip around and I’m like, ‘God, I don’t need this right now. What am I doing?” Brittany Payne

Never fear, Bremerton PD did something that Ms Payne didn’t expect. Two other Bremerton officers showed up and used their tools to help Brittany put on the license plate. Officers Johnny Rivera and Jen Corn just happened to be driving by.

And that wasn’t all – Officer Rivera handed her a $25 voucher from the Kitsap County United Way so that she could get some clothes for her son. She was floored. She shared the moment on social media and the post went viral.

Officer Rivera also shared with her that he was also a Navy veteran. He was a machinists mate, she had been a gunner’s mate. It was another connection that made her day.

Bremerton Police proudly posted her Facebook page and thanked their officers for helping someone in need.

Brittany has not always had good days in dealing with police, as she is a domestic violence survivor.

“I can say I have been extremely let down by law enforcement and court system in the past due to past life situations but this definitely restored some of my faith in those who are there to serve and protect our community. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you sooo very much to those currently on shift with the BPD. You all just made my day!” Brittany Payne on her Facebook post


Featured photo via Bremerton Police

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